A nonprofit public awareness campaign dedicated to
defeating Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield
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2013 Speech Transcript

1.    INTRODUCTION and  These two websites outline a comprehensive and credible foundation for world peace.  

Hello.  My name is David Thomas Malone.  I am the director of the think tank, and I have no affiliation with  Like so many people today, I witness the violence in the world and long to see it end.


For the past 14 years I have been developing an information operation designed to end the 9/11 War by exposing a murderous fraud that incites a mutinous insurrection by recruited Al Qaeda members aimed at imprisoning its central command.  Just recently I launched this ideological weapon, presented in the book Bin Laden's Plan Exposed -- freely available at  

The seed of Al Qaeda's demise is disseminating across cyberspace into the consciousness of morally guided individuals populating the ranks of the guerrilla army.  Soon a critical fraction of Al Qaeda supporters will hopefully realize that their leadership has misled them and threatens all life on Earth.  Mutiny will then demolish the Al Qaeda syndicate, terminate Bin Laden's war for the supposed betterment of humanity and save the souls of participants who would otherwise be spiritually doomed for supporting Al Qaeda's malevolent endeavor.

3.    THESIS AND ADDENDA has engineered a diplomatic solution to the 9/11 War by identifying 3 statistical trends in Al Qaeda warfare that constitute conclusive scientific evidence of a plot to trigger a Great Extinction event. Undisputed facts in the public record substantiating these patterns represent the "smoking-gun" proving that Al Qaeda's central command conspires to kill five billion people and lay waste to the Earth's biosphere in a global nuclear war.  The new peace-inspiring history of the 9/11 War recounted in the book Bin Laden's Plan Exposed depicts the Al Qaeda leadership as an unparalleled threat to life on Earth that rigged George W. Bush's elections and launched 9/11 as part of a plot to ignite a doomsday event.  

Complementing the evidence for this criminal indictment, presents five addenda to the thesis describing biographical facts about the author that suggest divine sanction blesses the overarching campaign to end the 9/11 War nonviolently.  The scientific proof of the Great Extinction plot coupled with the appearance of divine sanction for will persuade Al Qaeda to self-destruct by encouraging members to imprison its central command and cease hostilities.  


Following the initial launch of the information operation in the form of the book Bin Laden's Plan Exposed, the nonviolent persuasion campaign can proceed toward its goal of peacefully concluding the 9/11 War by progressing through a series of intermediary launch stages that spread the message worldwide. presents this information operation in the context of a multi-faceted enterprise that would link with other efforts, already in place, which are focused on bringing about a global transformation toward peace and prosperity rather than violence and destruction. 

For years a protest revolution has shaken the planet with calls for dramatic reform in society, governance, the economy and education.  Having discovered a nonviolent solution to the 9/11 War at, revolutionaries like the Arab Spring protesters can now adopt a feasible political platform for world peace based on critical improvements in national security, government, economics, and education.  By implementing these reasonable proposals presented on the websites and, humanity can eliminate the most serious global threats and restore the realistic prospect for a sustainable civilization. 

Peace on Earth is ours for the making.