A nonprofit public awareness campaign dedicated to
defeating Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield
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Our flag, a depiction of our thesis that maintains:
  • Bin Laden is solely responsibly* for all the deaths that have occurred in the 9/11 War,
  • A conflict he designed to kill four billion people, and
  • The disclosure of this war crime will destroy the ideological base of his network and mass movement.

* While George Bush's role in mismanaging America's war effort cannot be understated, this historic folly was in fact the crux of Bin Laden's war strategy.  When there is a fire, like those that destroyed the Twin Towers, we do not attribute the death toll to fire fighters for any operational blunders made during the emergency.  Although department reviews may be warranted in some cases, the onus for the crime lies solely with the arsonist.  Particularly when the arsonist sets booby traps for the fire fighters, like the crusader-baiting trap Bin Laden set for America.