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Press Conference 2008

My Guerrilla Press Conference on the New York Times Fire Escape

By David Malone

(Accompanying 5-minute speech available on Youtube)




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Based on the promise of national publicity and the confirmation of safety parameters, on July 9, 2008 I hung this censored banner from the (then publicly accessible) fire escape on the New York Times tower.  Partially covering the New York Times logo located at the fifth-floor level, this banner promoted my anti-Al Qaeda campaign and my trends analysis that had accurately anticipated the 9/11 attack.  Although my ascent of the fire escape was in reality an unremarkable physical feat, particularly in light of my occupation as a roofer, this correctly located stunt generated national news coverage of my published book and website  Publicized to millions of people worldwide, this guerrilla press conference by a professional roofer relayed vital information, including:

1.   A national terrorism alert warning about Al Qaeda’s election plot, an imminent terrorist offensive against America that began the very same day in Istanbul, Turkey.  I aimed to:

a.   Provide actionable intelligence that could help thwart Al Qaeda’s plot for the next 9/11, slated to target Americans overseas during the influential final weeks of the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign,

b.   Sabotage the Al Qaeda plot against Barack Obama’s presidential campaign by (i) warning U.S. voters about this planned psychological operation to rig the upcoming presidential election and (ii) issuing a devastating critique of John McCain’s war policy,

c.   Publish in the national media a major prediction from my trends analysis to serve as public testimony to its veracity.

2.      An announcement of a “silver-bullet” information operation to destroy Al Qaeda based on:

a.   An alternative narrative to the 9/11 War that can defeat Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield, a vision depicted on both the cover of my book and the banner I hung from the New York Times building,

b.   Identification of Al Qaeda as the greatest national security threat facing a complacent America,

c.   A damning analysis of the apocalyptic cult’s war strategy, which is designed to provoke the murder of four billion people,

d.  Exposure of Bin Laden’s “October Surprise” psychological operations designed to rig the 2000 and 2004 U.S. presidential elections in favor of George W. Bush, the candidate most susceptible to Al Qaeda’s crusader-baiting strategy,

e.   Devastating criticism of the crusading war doctrine espoused by President Bush and 2008 presidential candidate John McCain,

f.   A well-proven trends analysis that accurately projects Al Qaeda's future plots,

g.  A proposal for a U.S.-led initiative to resolve the global energy crisis

h.  Anticipated critical feedback from the general public that would help refine the presentation of this ideological wonder weapon, and

i.  Identification of this public awareness campaign as a movement unequivocally opposed to the Bush Administration's policy for the 9/11 War, an opposition demonstrated by a nonviolent act of civil disobedience protesting the Bush doctrine -- an action necessary to legitimize this American-based movement in the hearts and minds of those Muslims who are sympathetic to Al Qaeda's publicly stated goal of opposing "American imperialism".

By publicizing important discoveries about the 9/11 war, my guerrilla press conference on the New York Times fire escape has initiated an awakening that will lead to Al Qaeda’s total defeat.  This newly publicized theory's sound scholarship and authoritative record of war forecasting has generated rising support for its multifaceted strategy to defeat Al Qaeda.  From this scholarly foundation, the public awareness campaign at seeks to encourage the Obama Administration and other interested parties to support this enterprise to defeat Al Qaeda on the war's main battlefield, the ideological front.  As an initiative to win hearts and minds, this strategy is not limited to scholarly analysis but also includes an artistic manifestation, a dramatic screenplay (originating from a pre-9/11 draft) based on an historical anomaly surrounding Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler that accurately anticipated the 9/11 attack.  The timely advancement of the scholarly and artistic facets of this campaign offers America the potential to deploy a new "wonder weapon" that can destroy Al Qaeda's ideological support structure.