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defeating Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield
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Political Platform

A Political Platform for the Protest Revolution

REVOLUTIONARY PLATFORM presents its information operation in the context of a multi-faceted enterprise to save the world.  For years a protest revolution has shaken the planet with calls for dramatic reform in society, governance, the economy and education. Having discovered a nonviolent solution to the 9/11 War, the revolutionaries can now adopt a feasible political platform for world peace.

Step 1:  Social Reform -- End the 9/11 War nonviolently by completing the launch of the ideological weapon presented at

Step 2:  Governmental Reform -- Authorize the United Nations to adopt formally the Earth Charter as a model for sustainable governance worldwide.

Step 3:  Economic Reform -- Commission an international Manhattan Project involving a multi-trillion-dollar research and development program to rapidly develop and disseminate super-powerful sources of abundant renewable energy that multiply the planet's supply of available material wealth, raise dramatically the global standard of living and facilitate global economic equity.

Step 4:  Educational Reform -- Develop a model for free, universal, high-quality education based on a synthesis of the Bill-Gates-funded Khan Academy, the Waldorf method, and the @HomeSchooling program suggested at

By implementing these reasonable proposals presented on the websites and, humanity can eliminate the most serious global threats and restore the realistic prospect for a sustainable civilization.  


The foundation of this political platform involves the deployment of an ideological weapon that can destroy Al Qaeda through a seven-stage process.   Following the initial launch of the information operation in the form of the book Bin Laden's Plan Exposed, the nonviolent persuasion campaign can proceed toward its goal of peacefully concluding the 9/11 War through a series of intermediary launch stages.

1)  In an emergency address to the nation, President Obama can announce the discovery of conclusive evidence that Al Qaeda's leadership plots a Great Extinction event.

2)  The U.S. National Academy of Sciences can verify the statistical trends in Al Qaeda warfare that constitute scientific proof of the doomsday conspiracy.  This peer review of the thesis would provide official scientific validation for the Great Extinction theory.  

3)  In a speech before the United Nations, President Obama can formally indict the Al Qaeda high command for plotting a global nuclear holocaust.  He can officially changes the public designation of Al Qaeda members from "terrorists" to "Great Extinction plotters".

4)  A commission of leading international experts can refine the online presentation of the theory.

5)  An open letter to Al Qaeda supporters can highlight conclusive evidence of the Great Extinction plot, a fact reinforced by exhaustive media scrutiny of the online indictment.

6)  A billboard campaign can exhibit the campaign poster to critical populations in America, Israel, Russia, India and the Muslim world.

7)  A Hollywood feature film can premier that is based on an early draft of a screenplay presenting the thesis in the context of a fictional drama.

By following these steps, an information operation can destroy Al Qaeda through the incitement of mutinous insurrection that imprisons its leadership.  Having created a prerequisite for world peace, humanity can then proceed to the governmental, economic and educational reforms necessary for constructing a sustainable civilization.