A nonprofit public awareness campaign dedicated to
defeating Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield
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Since 1999 David Malone has directed a nonprofit think tank championing the ideological isolation and destruction of Al Qaeda.  Instead of the dubious effort that has caused mass civilian casualties and political chaos throughout the Muslim world, our nonviolent campaign proposes a silver-bullet strategy for defeating the Al Qaeda insurgency on the war's main battlefield, the ideological front.  Humanity can best counter Al Qaeda’s apocalyptic agenda by exposing
Osama bin Laden's genocidal war plan to kill five billion people. 

The anti-Al Qaeda advocacy group founded on the educational website includes four books, multiple essays and a dramatic screenplay all authored by David Malone.  This literature is freely available here on our website.  The theory of political science presented in these writings emerged from David’s independent research of Osama bin Laden that, years prior to 9/11, identified the terror kingpin's global syndicate as the greatest threat to world security.  David's thesis on the Messiah pretension motivating Al Qaeda's crusader-baiting strategy represents a unique assimilation of publicly available information, including: thousands of mainstream news articles, scholarly essays, film documentaries, policy documents, and selected books.  This theory on Bin Laden's plan has been validated by the inception and the unfolding of the 9/11 War, particularly the syndicate’s success at provoking the Bush Administration to squander America's good will and capital on an Iraq war.  Accurately anticipating and publicly opposing these developments, David has walked in the shadows of famous anti-Al Qaeda activists like the FBI's John O'Neill, the NSC’s Bruce Riedel, and the NSC's Richard Clarke, along with lesser known intelligence agents.


Aside from accurately anticipating Al Qaeda plots and devising Bin Laden’s ideological demise, David Malone has distinguished himself in academic pursuits throughout his life.  As a devoted young scholar who consistently ranked nationally among the top 5% of students throughout grades 1-12, David proceeded to graduate as a tri-varsity athlete and Advanced Placement Scholar with Cum Laude status from a distinguished New England preparatory school.  High scores on seven AP examinations allowed David to begin college with the credit status of a sophomore at one of the nation's top-20 universities, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

David began to prepare for a career in natural resource economics, a study that interested him because of the substantial risk of a global nuclear war arising from the inequitable distribution of limited natural resources, especially oil.  David viewed this as the most significant menace to humanity's future, like a meteor on course to hit the Earth in 15 years, compelling an attempt to help save us.  Specifically, David hoped to assist the global movement for sustainable human development, as envisioned by the Earth Charter (

The rise of Bin Laden in 1998 as the personification of the looming apocalyptic risk shifted David's attention to the study of Al Qaeda, including the possibility of defeating this terrorist empire through a Manhattan-Project-like initiative to resolve sustainably the global energy crisis.  David’s initial research focused on the willful alignment of Al Qaeda’s war with famous apocalyptic prophecies like those of the medieval Frenchman Nostradamus.  Unfortunately, the subject of Al Qaeda was not at all emphasized in the available Western university-level curricula in 1998, and studies that involved Nostradamus were even further off the radar of academia.  Unable to incorporate this new research into his collegiate experience, David left a promising career in natural-resource economics after having completed a year of college in order to pursue exclusively an independent study of the Al Qaeda threat in 1999 while under the tutelage of one of the 20th century's leading scientist-statesmen.  From this point on, David devoted his talents and resources to understanding the mysterious Al Qaeda organization and fighting the global war against this menace on the primary battlefield, the ideological front.



1. Theological Doctrine:  A unique examination of the role of God and humanity in our world that attempts to bridge the divides between the major religions with new scientific evidence of predestination and God's existence.


2. @Home Schooling (PDF format):  An innovative model for education that employs high-definition videoconferencing, multi-sensory media presentations, personalized holistic curricula, collaborative learning and advanced memorization techniques.


3. Professional Website for Dr. Thomas Malone:  An overview of Dr. Malone's career as one of the prime movers in the integration of public policy with modern scientific knowledge on nuclear winter, accelerating climate change and sustainable development.


4. Spiderman's Home Exercise Routine (PDF format):  A scientifically formulated program for exercising at home.


5. The Hazards of Tire Turf Athletic Fields (PDF format):  A collection of news articles summarizing the dangers of children's playing fields composed of crumb rubber.


6. The Shopping Wizard:  The program specifications for a yet-to-be-created smart phone app designed to enhance and facilitate shopping.


Also see

Biographical Thesis Addenda

Obscure Facts on David Thomas Malone

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