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Among Islamic apocalypticists, the person embodying the second coming of the Jesus messiah holds more scriptural authority than the Muslim Messiah known as the Sunni Mahdi.  Only the prophesied son of Mary appears in the Koranic version of the Apocalypse War -- there is no righteous Mahdi.  While the doomsdayers who populate Al Qaeda's ranks would reference obscure non-Koranic scriptures identifying the Jesus Messiah as a Muslim who serves as the deputy-messiah for a previously undocumented character called the Mahdi, the Koran remains king in Islam. The omission of the Mahdi, the purported central character of the Apocalypse, in the faith's holiest book casts doubt on the accuracy of the Mahdi prophecy and elevates the Jesus Messiah above the Mahdi in terms of status in the religious hierarchy.  Even those Islamic apocalypticists who insist on viewing the Jesus Messiah as the Mahdi's deputy revere this foretold individual as the second greatest religious authority.  Recounted in popular apocalyptic mythology, characteristics of the second coming of Jesus include

Name:  David

Appearance date:  2012

- He uses words to defeat the Messiah pretender known as the Antichrist.  By publishing a book, he saves the world from the greatest danger while simultaneously unlocking fundamental secrets of human existence that open a door in our minds to a paradise of world peace.
- He represents one of two "witnesses" to the murderous depravity of the 666 beast who together bring about the Antichrist's destruction
- He accurately predicts future events of the Apocalypse War
- His life's work is defined by self-sacrifice for world peace that he conducts under the auspices of the world's most powerful government
- A war in Iraq motivates him to appear on the world stage, and he later gives a speech to the Syrian people while they suffer under military siege
- Before he is victorious, his peaceful movement will face disbelief and opposition that will benefit the 666 beast known as the 9:11 Destroyer
- Jewish people in Israel will be forced to heed his warning or die at the hands of the Antichrist

- His life is adorned with symbols from the stories of Revelation, Jesus and David v. Goliath that identify him as the awaited king of kings who slays the army of the nefarious king known as the 9:11 Destroyer
- He will be a pale-faced thief with a tear-drop scar underneath his right eye who first appears on the world stage at nighttime because of a war in Iraq

The glitch in the unquestioned authority of the Muslim Messiah that these signs foretell serves as an ideological vehicle for communicating the message to a crucial audience.  Association with the second coming of Jesus can represent a maneuver to outrank the Muslim Messiah and dispute his identity in the minds of apocalyptic Al Qaeda members.  

Beyond simply publicizing Al Qaeda's Great Extinction plot with conclusive scientific evidence that is comprehensible to the layperson, David Thomas Malone's operation to inspire mutinous insurrection against Al Qaeda's leadership requires an authoritative conduit in order to first begin the dialogue with a naturally disbelieving audience.  Fortuitously, a highly improbable convergence of symbols associates the message's author with popular beliefs about the second coming of Jesus.  The below facts about the author of the ideological miracle weapon presented at provide the appearance of a particular divine sanction for the information operation that will encourage apocalyptic-minded supporters of Al Qaeda to consider seriously the logic of David Malone's thesis.  Like other corollaries, this addendum to the information operation amplifies its ability to dissuade certain individuals from supporting Bin Laden's stateless war machine.  Properly presented, the thesis can ignite a mutinous insurrection against Al Qaeda's leadership that will lead to the total collapse of the terrorist syndicate.

WARNING:  Some of the information below about David Malone may be offensive to some readers.  Remember, these facts are listed here for their collective symbolic value.  Every detail about David cited below is a piece of a puzzle designed to persuade Muslim apocalypticists inside Al Qaeda that the bearer of the BLPlan message, a non-Muslim American citizen, is an authority whose words they must heed both as a matter of survival and as a primary religious obligation.  The goal here is ending the 9/11 War, at the cost of David's life if necessary.  The information operation also legitimizes its author in the eyes of religiously pious Al Qaeda supporters with two other corollaries -- one that corroborates the Islamic faith with conclusive proof of God's existence and predestination, and another that demonstrates the author's ability to accurately forecast Al Qaeda plots.  

Two additional corollaries to the "Great Extinction" thesis help overcome the obstacle posed by anti-American bigotry in the minds of Al Qaeda supporters.  In conducting a guerrilla press conference protesting U.S. war policy held at the New York Times headquarters during the Bush presidency in the July leading up to the 2008 presidential election, David constructed part of the ideological foundation for virulently anti-American Al Qaeda members to accept his thesis.  Similarly, David's 2012 book Bin Laden's Plan Exposed presents a diplomatic miracle to end the 9/11 War that precisely corroborates the thesis of a Pakistani Muslim journalist who was famously martyred after publishing an expose on Al Qaeda's doomsday strategy in his book Inside Al Qaeda and the Taliban (2011).  Aside from the religiously pious and anti-American, a third group of morally guided Muslims who support Al Qaeda's anti-imperialist insurgency but do not care about the author's exceptionality or nationality will judge this self-evident thesis without bias to conclude logically that they are obligated to help destroy Al Qaeda's leadership and terminate Bin Laden's war.  

Despite these corollaries to the "Great Extinction" theory presented at, some readers will dismiss its analysis of statistically impossible coincidences as a case of selective reasoning that overlooks suggestions to the contrary.  One is reminded of scientists who clearly presented new discoveries to an unbelieving public who refused to accept the new knowledge that contradicted some pet fantasies about the world.  For over half a century many people have dismissed the highly improbable similarities between the genomes of humans and chimps as random convergence rather than common origin.  Regardless of the scientifically groundless position of contrarians, the statistical science remains sound for both gene theory and this Great Extinction theory.  A reader who examines the below corollary yet fails to appreciate both the statistical improbability of the symbolic convergence surrounding the author of the message and the selfless motive behind the information operation risks greatly misunderstanding the nature, origin and purpose of the public awareness campaign.



David Thomas Malone was named after King David.  David Thomas lives in the Kingswood district of his town.  He has lived there in a gold house since age seven.  David Thomas' road is named "Bishop", meaning a high-ranking Christian cleric.  The title audibly reads as "A high-ranking Christian cleric rode".  David Thomas' street begins with a synagogue that is a Jewish shrine to King David called Beth David, constructed in the year of his father's birth at a location precisely aligned with David's future home.  The David shrine stands beside another dedicated to a Thomas, the church of St. Thomas the Apostle.  David Thomas' street ends with Kingswood Road and Kingswood School, located four houses from David's home.  David attended the eponymous school for most of his formal education, where he continuously ranked among the top 5% of students in the nation.  The name "kingswood" means "forest" or "personal domain" of the king, where he may remain hidden from his enemies until he chooses to wage war.  Within this heavily treed suburban neighborhood, David's identity has remained hidden while he developed a miracle weapon capable of defeating the army of the modern-day Goliath.

The mark of the beast appears outside David's home.  The telephone pole for David's house is officially designated pole # 2666, displayed as the number "2" over the number "666".  Adjacent to this "2 over 666" telephone pole, a street sign shows the silhouettes of two crossing school children carrying books.  David's internet-based information operation to employ his writings to topple the legacy of a man who has imitated the 666 beast from Revelation 13:18 began at the node of this telephone pole.  Revelation describes two witnesses who topple the 666 beast.  Since 2008, the battered and leaning telephone pole has sustained damage in a series of incidents, including branches that fell onto power lines attached to both sides of the pole, as well as an electrical explosion on the pole itself.

David's zip code is 06-911.

Kingswood-Oxford preparatory school is renown as one of a select group of New England prep schools that regularly churns out kings of modern politics and commerce.  The school mascot is a winged two-footed red dragon known as a wyvern.  Kingswood's slogan is "Vincit qui se vincit", latin for "He conquers who conquers himself".

David's hometown is West Hartford, Connecticut -- the heart ford of the West, a spiritual crossover point located in the "connect" state.  West Hartford has received distinction as one of the best places to live in America, ranking among the top ten towns in terms of desirability, educated populaces and business opportunities.  


David has developed a four-cornered plan to save and revolutionize civilization that advocates
1) Launching the ideological weapon to end the 9/11 War nonviolently
2) U.N. adoption of the Earth Charter
3) A multi-trillion-dollar Manhattan-project to create new wealth by developing new energy sources
4) Reform education with free universal schooling based on a synthesis of innovative approaches including David's @HomeSchooling program.  
In addition to these social, governmental, economic and educational reforms, a nonsecular fifth initiative for spiritual reform and sustainable world peace involves disclosing evidence of God's existence and omnipotent influence in designing human history, as well as reincarnation and the illusion of mortality.

David is a peace activist who has developed an ideological miracle weapon in the form of a published book capable of destroying Al Qaeda worldwide in a matter of weeks after deployment.  David has used words, the power of breath, to destroy the war machine of a figure who imitated the Antichrist of Christian apocalyptic mythology and plotted to kill five billion people in a war that lays waste to Earth.  In the eyes of a general public that could not envision extinguishing the Bin Laden threat in less than twenty to forty years, David's rapid defeat of Al Qaeda appears to be a diplomatic miracle.

In his early twenties at the turn of the Christian millennium, David made the fundamental discoveries underpinning the thesis, including
1) The world-war provocateur phenomenon
2) Bin Laden's Messiah pretension
3) Al Qaeda's crusader-baiting strategy to vivify the prophesied Apocalypse War by employing tactics that include October Surprises and false-flag operations

In the prophesied revelatory year of 2012, scientists unlocked the secret to understanding the physical universe with the subatomic discovery of the "god" particle.  Weeks later, David published his revelation into the nature of the universe that includes conclusive proof of both God's existence and God's design of human history.  Through this discovery, David has provided scientific corroboration for these two key Islamic tenets.  David simultaneously published his book Bin Laden's Plan Exposed! that divulges the ugly truth behind the 9/11 War that will terminate the conflict nonviolently.

David is an untested one-man army operating a think tank engaged in the ideological war against the war machine created by a modern-day Goliath.  David has both proven Bin Laden's war machine to be the greatest existential threat to Israel and outlined a miraculous "out-of-the-box" strategy to destroy the legend of the modern-day Goliath that will save Jews and Muslims alike from Al Qaeda's plot for a Great Extinction event.  From KO school, David will KO the Goliath's war machine.  David's information operation will neutralize the greatest threat to both Israel and the human prospect.

David has discovered a historical anomaly linking Napoleon, Hitler and Bin Laden that will win the 9/11 War and prove the existence of God, predestination and reincarnation.

David's discovery has opened the door in our minds to a life of everlasting peace and happiness.

David has posted a speech to the Syrian people designed to ease their suffering while under bombardment by the country's Russian-backed government and abandoned by the world.

In 2008 David publicly confronted the world's two most feared leaders in a nationally publicized guerrilla press conference that he conducted at the New York Times headquarters.

The thesis frames Big Oil politics as a central feature of Bin Laden's plan to ignite a Great Extinction event.  David had committed his life to helping lead an energy revolution that overturns Big Oil's grip on political power.  This dirty influence on U.S. government has polluted the biosphere, incited wars and sabotaged the dream of a cheap, abundant renewable energy supply that could dramatically raise the standard of living globally.  Faced with the threat of extinction in a war fueled by Big Oil politics, humanity has no choice but to cast off the yoke of the Exxon-Mobil conglomerates.  David has outlined a four-cornered strategy to save the world that includes replacing fossil fuels with an abundant supply of clean renewable energy tapped by an international Manhattan Project to unlock a new energy source.  This strategy for global salvation begins by peacefully terminating Bin Laden's 9/11 War with the silver-bullet solution presented at

David has a natural aversion to public speaking and the limelight.  In a great personal sacrifice, David openly leads the information operation at because he believes that this action is the only viable way to save the world from Al Qaeda's advancing apocalyptic designs.  Without Al Qaeda and the Iraq War, David probably would never have been motivated to appear on the world stage, or any stage.

David's miracle weapon requires that he implicitly make a claim of incredible arrogance in order to launch it -- a claim that David naturally loathes.

David has had a tear-drop scar underneath his right eye since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which his trends analysis accurately anticipated in a forecast of the 9/11 War.  In the weeks leading up to the Iraq War, David considered performing a nonviolent act of civil disobedience protesting U.S. war policy, like his eventual guerrilla press conference in 2008.  The undeveloped state of the information operation in 2003 forced David to opt for a far less effective protest, an email sent out in triplicate to hundreds of media personalities and counterterrorism experts warning that 9/11 had been an Al Qaeda plot to provoke the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a prelude to an apocalyptic nuclear war.  In particular David emphasized that this U.S. military blunder was the linchpin for Bin Laden's plan to vivify doomsday prophecy and claim Islam's most coveted title, Muslim Messiah.

David has designed a school that will revolutionize education -- a model for free universal education called Waldorf Khan @Home Schooling that combines his program called @HomeSchooling with the Waldorf method and the Bill-Gates-funded Khan Academy .

David has written the first draft of a script for a movie that will sing to the world like no other.  The main character in David's screenplay is a 33-year-old man named David Thomas Malone who discovers that he is a reincarnated death-camp Jew whose life's purpose is to first defeat the modern Goliath of the Antichrist, the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in the personage of Osama bin Laden, and then open the door to the Promised Land in our minds.

The press labeled David the superhero Spiderman after he climbed a famous fire escape on a skyscraper owned by a New York newspaper and launched a one-man war against the super-villain who threatens to desolate New York City with the high-altitude dispersal of a toxic mutagenic gas cloud set tentatively to occur in late December 2012.  Weeks before David launched his ideological miracle weapon against Al Qaeda in 2012, a new blockbuster Spiderman movie opened featuring the superhero climbing a skyscraper in 2012 in order to save New York City from a super-villain who threatens to desolate New York City with the high-altitude dispersal of a toxic mutagenic gas cloud.


David's family heritage is two-thirds Irish, from the land of ire, emerging in America from a culture renown for its indomitable fighting spirit.  Reflecting this spirit from which David emerges as a one-man army to challenge Al Qaeda, the wolverine mascot of David's college also symbolizes this quality.

Insinuating the climax of the Revelation war when a man imprisons the 666 beast, the heraldic coat of arms for David Malone's family reflects the name "man-over-lion" in a display of a man in armor imprisoning a rampant lion-beast in a cage built by three stars.  The so-called "Lion of Islam", Osama (Arabic for "the lion") bin Laden, also known as the 9:11 Destroyer and the 666 beast, unleashed a doomsday war machine at the start of the millennium that David Malone's information operation will cage in an ideological prison.  Symbolism in the heraldry of the family crest includes: gold denoting generosity, silver denoting innocence and happiness, and green denoting charity.  The lion symbolizes the deathless courage of the beast's tamer.  The stars denote some divine quality bestowed from above whereby men shine in virtue.  The man in armor represents war.  The Malones are an ancient Irish sect that originally gained notoriety for its talented bishops (cross reference "Bishop Rd" in "Home" above).  The first famous Malone, William Malone (1586-1656) joined the Society of Jesus in 1606 and became president of the Irish College, Rome, in 1635.  

Aside from the predominantly Irish background, David's family heritage is also part Native American and part Polish, emerging from the bloodline of the worst suffering victims in the great genocides of the medieval and modern worlds.  David was born the year the Vatican made the unprecedented move of electing the first Polish pope, a father named John.

In David's family, everybody's name begins with a "J" except David.  In a break from his family's tradition of perpetuating the first names of family members, David was named after King David.

Every member of David's immediate family bears a name that appears on a shrine to an eponymous Christian saint located in the vicinity of the family home on Bishop Road.  King David and the adjacent St. Thomas bookend Bishop Rd with Kingswood School (cross reference the introduction of "Home" above).  Approximately seven blocks away in one direction, St. Joseph's college stands adjacent to St. Mary's Nursing Home on Asylum Avenue, where David and his mother have spent many hours caring for his Malone grandparents in an adjacent facility.  Approximately seven blocks away in another direction, St. John's church stands on the same road with the King David and St. Thomas shrines that intersect Bishop.

David's mother is widely regarded as the nicest person people know.  She devotes every day of her life to helping others.  The word nice is literally in her first name.  Her middle name is a variation of the name "Mary".   A ray of hope at the dawn of the nuclear age, she was born the day that Hitler died and set in motion the events leading to the appearance of the third world-war provocateur sixty years later in the personage of Osama bin Laden.  As a teenager, she purchased a statue of the Mother Mary for her mother as a Mother's Day present and it has graced her family's Massachusetts home ever since.  In her high school Holy Cross she ranked second in her class and went on to graduate college with degrees in nursing.  She worked a forty-year career as a nurse caring for Vietnam-War wounded, psychiatric and terminally ill patients.  Aside from his time at college, David lived with his mother for the entire 33 years of his life.

David's father is a prosecutor and veteran with thirty years of military and public service.  David's criminal indictment of Bin Laden will win the 9/11 War.  The name Malone means follower of St. John.

In the early 1990s David's brother John Michael persuaded him that the greatest civic duty was that of Hitler-watch, that is, the occupation of vigilance and defensive preparedness for a modern-day Hitler whose Islamic war machine would attempt to fulfill mounting millennialist expectations by employing mega-terrorism to ignite a world war that imitates popular apocalyptic beliefs enshrined in John's Book of Revelation.  Following the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 before Bin Laden's involvement was exposed, David's brother John accurately anticipated that a sequel plot would be launched at the millennium by this 21st-century Hitler figure.  In 2010 John Michael saved David from an attempted assassination involving vehicular sabotage.

While growing up in West Hartford, David's older brother Joseph was widely known as the toughest teenager and best athlete in town.  Joseph was a mentor to David.  The most famous shrine in their town of West Hartford, St. Joseph's College, is located a few blocks away from their home.  Joseph's best friend Peter comes from a shepherd people and was born on September 11th.  In 2012 the odometer on Joseph's car became stuck at 66,600.

David's mentor and grandfather, Dr. Thomas Malone, after whom David Thomas was named, was one of the twentieth century's leading scientists.  Dr. Malone worked for every U.S. president from FDR to Clinton.  As a scientist-statesman he helped connect the world's scientific institutions to launch large-scale investigations into the principle threats to the Earth's biosphere, including Noble-Peace-Prize-winning initiatives examining the phenomena of man-made global warming and nuclear winter.  Dr. Malone devoted much of his career to addressing the global threats posed by Big Oil and the military-industrial complex by pursuing resilient diplomacy that significantly limited the potential consequences of nuclear proliferation and man-made global warming while advocating concrete proposals for political-economic-social-educational reforms enshrined in the Earth Charter.  
In Thomas' birth year, the president of the United States was named Thomas.  Dr. Malone first moved to West Hartford as one of the nation's leading weathermen after the town's historic flooding in the 1950s.  Having served with distinction in WWII as an MIT professor training America's top meteorologists for D-Day, Dr. Malone had closed out the 40s serving as chief editor of America's post-WWII "bible" of meteorology, The Compendium on Meteorology.  He finished this keystone book at age 33, the age David completed his keystone book "Bin Laden's Plan Exposed" (2012).  The Compendium was the era's most authoritative comprehensive encyclopedia of modern meteorological knowledge, a treasure trove of scientific insight into weather forecasting that spread worldwide.  Dissemination of this knowledge helped to save millions of lives with forewarning of catastrophic weather events and crop-influencing changes in the weather.  Dr. Malone lived on the same street as David for much of his life in the Bishop condominium located directly across from the shrines to David and Thomas.  Dr. Malone was elected to his highest public office, Foreign Secretary of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, in the year David was born.  In this office from 1978-1982, David's grandfather saved the world from global nuclear war by spearheading the joint U.S.-Soviet scientific investigation into the phenomenon of nuclear winter that successfully deterred Soviet war hawks from going out with a bang as the U.S.S.R. collapsed at the end of the Cold War.  
David is credited with saving Dr. Malone's life by serving as his physical fitness assistant throughout the year prior to a nearly fatal car crash in 2006 that collapsed Dr. Malone's lungs.  Following a mild heart attack in 2012, Dr. Malone recuperated in the hospital while David's mother waited by his side for many hours throughout the week as his family nurse and medical advocate.  She had done the same for countless individuals on countless occasions over the course of her life.  On this occasion, Dr. Malone awoke in a dream state and clearly articulated a proposal to save the world from the looming threats of world war and biosphere pollution: "If all of the world's people revered the Mother Mary, women would be treated equally and humanity would be galvanized to achieve a sustainable civilization."  The fact that both the Christian and Muslim world perceive the Mother Mary to be history's most venerated woman favorably disposes half of humanity to embrace this belief in the event of an appearance of the Mother Mary today.

Adored by most everybody who meets her, David's red-headed Irish grandmother named Rosalie once graced the pope with her presence.  In audience with Pope John Paul II soon after he had barely survived an assassination attempt, Rosalie's unreserved expression of concern for his well being startled the conservatively mannered pontiff.  So will her grandson David challenge the tradition-laden Catholic church to adhere to the central tenets of the faith, including love, charity and nonviolence.   

David's Irish grandfather was born in the year that the United States entered World War I.  David's father was born at the height of the Holocaust.  David's mother was born at the onset of the Cold War.  The two were married the year of the Tet Offensive when Walter Cronkite announced that America had lost the Vietnam War.   When Bin Laden first formed Al Qaeda under the nomme de guerre "The Lion's Den" in the prophesied land of the Muslim Messiah's emergence, 7-year-old David moved to the Kingswood district of West Hartford.  David graduated among the top of his class at Kingswood high school and began searching for a career on the eve of Bin Laden's declaration of war on America.  Both David and Bin Laden first appeared on U.S. national news in 1997 (David was briefly interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America in a segment exhibiting the author John Edgar Wideman).

David's godfather is a multimillionaire named Don.

Thirty-three is the age when Americans can legally begin a U.S. presidential campaign.  David was 33-years old in 2012 when he completed development of the ideological miracle weapon that will destroy Al Qaeda with words and open the door to paradise on Earth.  David was born 33 years after the death of Hitler and the dawn of the nuclear age.  David's mother was age 33 when David was born.


David was born on the Day of the Dead in the days before an apocalyptic religious cult cult led by a Messiah pretender massacred 911 Americans in an act of mass murder-suicide.  The Jonestown Massacre transpired after the cult murdered a US congressman named Leo (a name that means "lion").  The doomsday cult's mass murder-suicide of 911 occurred in a year that set records for two of the deadliest plane crashes in US history, including a mid-air collision.

David was born on the eve of the Mahdist-centered year that inspired a host of Messiah pretenders to stake a claim to Islam's highest throne.  In 1979 the Islamic Revolution produced the Mahdi-pretender Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and a less-well-known Mahdi pretender named Osama bin Laden who began his career as a militant revolutionary leader in a Messiah bid that materialized at the dawn of the new Christian millennium with the 9/11 attack.

David is a Scorpio born in the Chinese year of the horse.  1978 was the last year to feature a Triple Crown champion racehorse.  The sequence "7, 8" means God forever.

Also in 1978
- An American leader established a measure of peace in the Holy Land.  The historic Camp David summit marked 1978 as the year for peace in the Middle East when Israel and Egypt forged a peace treaty that lasted as long as 2012.
- America's most famous Muslim, Mohammad Ali, lost the heavy-weight boxing championship to a man whose name means "lion".
- When baby David entered the world as the third child in his family, America's top song was "Baby Come Back", followed closely by "Three Times A Lady".  America's top TV shows were "Three's Company" and "Taxi".
- A Jon and Jane won best actor and actress for "Coming Home", a movie about veterans returning from the Vietnam War.
- The average price of bread in America was 33 cents.
- The Vatican allegedly assassinated its own leader and elected a new pope of Polish ancestry who became renown for his laborious efforts to forge world peace in the nuclear age.
- U.S. headlines were dominated by the case of a mass murder in New York City involving a man named David, nicknamed "The Son", who was sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison.


As a researcher and writer on Al Qaeda, David accurately anticipated a series of Al Qaeda plots -- including 9/11, the 2006 Atlantic airlines plot, the 2008 Mumbai Massacre, the U.S. cargo-plane scheme of October 2010, and operations in September-October 2012 including the Benghazi consulate attack and the failed Fed bombing.  These terrorism forecasts originated from a scientific trends analysis of trends in Al Qaeda warfare that has reliably projected the major events of the 9/11 War.  Analogously, Warren Buffet analyzed economic trends to foresee future developments in the stock market and gained notoriety as a Wall Street prophet.  In the same prognosticative tradition, David's mentor and grandfather Dr. Tom Malone achieved distinction among his peers as a scientific prophet for his forecasts of the weather and man-made climate change published in the mid-twentieth century.  Like these financial and atmospheric analogs, David's political-science-based trends analysis has achieved a publicly documented legacy of success.  Over a dozen of his family members witnessed one or more of his predictions from 1999-2012.  Since the publication of David's first book in 2005 and his July 2008 press conference, his terrorism forecasts have been received by an increasingly larger audience.  David's published record of accurate prognostications on the 9/11 War has distinguished his reputation as one of the world's most prescient masters of the political science behind the conflict.

In 2008 David publicly claimed to be a prophet of the 9/11 War and made a prediction based on his trends analysis that Al Qaeda began to fulfill before he finished the press conference.  
In this nationally televised guerrilla press conference on July 9, 2008, David predicted an imminent surge of Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on U.S. targets located inside premier cities of the Muslim world.  This forecast became a reality during the actual press conference when Al Qaeda launched its first major terrorist attack on a U.S. target since November 2005.  The new terrorist campaign escalated into Al Qaeda's biggest surge against America since 9/11, including three major operations against U.S. targets within a three-month period -- a largely foiled raid on the U.S. embassy in Yemen, the destruction of an American hotel in Islamabad known as "Pakistan's 9/11", and the rampaging hunt for Americans inside India's New York City known as "the Mumbai Massacre".  Planned for October 1, 2008, foiled and delayed until Thanksgiving, the Mumbai Massacre plot aimed for distinction as the most deadly terrorist attack in history.  Beyond David's accurate prognostication about the latest developments of the 9/11 War, David also warned about apocalyptic consequences from the military, diplomatic and economic mismanagement of government by the Bush administration.  Only weeks after the press conference, the U.S. financial meltdown of September 2008 precipitated a widespread anticipation of an economic doomsday emerging from the reckless spending and subservience to predatory corporate interests that characterized the Bush administration -- a central theme of David's 2005 book "Bin Laden's Plan".

David has predicted every major Al Qaeda terrorist plot of the 9/11 War in forecasts that were documented and witnessed.  In a Malone family reunion the month before 9/11, David forewarned a number of his family members about Bin Laden's imminent plot to ignite a world war with catastrophic terrorist attacks on New York and Washington designed to provoke the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Since 2002 David has continuously published a trends analysis of Al Qaeda warfare that explains the scientific origin of these terrorism forecasts.  Following his accurate forewarning on national news in July of 2008 that anticipated Al Qaeda's fall 2008 surge against U.S. targets in the Muslim world, in October of 2010 David joined with two members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences to distribute a terrorism warning to hundreds of individuals, including multiple editors and writers at the New York Times, that accurately anticipated the Al Qaeda cargo-plane plot twenty-four hours later.  David and his Academy colleagues repeated the October Surprise warning in 2012 with a message that accurately anticipated the foiled Fed bomb plot.  

Despite all of these prescient warnings about Al Qaeda plots, David has encountered waves of disbelief about his thesis.  Such is the case with many major discoveries that question strongly held beliefs, as testify the histories of Darwin, Einstein and other leading discoverers.  Perhaps most pertinently, Winston Churchill faced years of scorn and ridicule from English policy makers who refused to believe that Hitler had irreparably destroyed their hopes of avoiding another world war.  Many millions paid the price for this willful ignorance, as do millions more pay the price today for ignorance of the Bin Laden menace.  


Contrary to some false accusations made by a small but vocal group of Al Qaeda supporters (some witting, others unwitting), David's motive for his nonprofit public awareness campaign is a genuinely altruistic impulse for peace activism founded on the belief that the discovery about Al Qaeda presented at poses a viable nonviolent solution to the 9/11 War.  David's selfless ambition appears unmistakably in his 9/11 guilt as a researcher who precisely forecasted the attack.  For more than a decade, David has grappled with the emotional aftermath of his failure to devote more resources to developing the miracle weapon, a silver-bullet solution to the Al Qaeda problem that he could have completed and deployed years ago -- to the effect of even preventing the 9/11 War in the first place.  David has no ring or bling of any kind, but he nevertheless identifies with Oscar Schindler's final plight.  The fundamental motive for the campaign is a compulsion to protect and nurture others, at David's expense if necessary.  Having devoted over sixty thousand dollars to this endeavor without receiving a dime in compensation yet with becoming a target of assassins, David has proven that sincere altruism inspires his initiative for world peace.  

Beyond simply presenting the thesis in a scientific manner, the information operation requires for the benefit of the audience of Al Qaeda supporters that the thesis have shades of context beyond science.  One such context is a nonviolent act of civil disobedience protesting U.S. war policy, a prerequisite for beginning a conversation with the Muslim world about its need to destroy America's foremost adversary.  David was fully aware that his war protests in New York City might incite backlash from Al Qaeda supporters or people who misunderstand his criticism of U.S. war hawks.  Nevertheless, he concluded that his nonviolent action to save the world from the imminent threat posed by Al Qaeda's Great Extinction plot represented the only viable alternative to the violent U.S. response to 9/11 that has actually facilitated Bin Laden's doomsday plot.

In the days before the Iraq invasion, David mass-emailed a controversial message protesting Bush's "war of choice" due to the event's galvanizing effect on Al Qaeda.  David's anti-Al Qaeda website voiced the same sentiment.  David received threats and, a few weeks later, David's dog caught cancer and died.

The publication of David's book Bin Laden's Plan in 2005 marked his next round of war protesting.  Displaying only the words "Bin Laden's Plan" superimposed over a picture of Bin Laden holding Bush by puppet strings, the book's controversial cover encapsulates a thesis based on an incisive rebuke of the Bush war policy.

On multiple occasions at Ground Zero in late 2007 and early 2008, David fielded questions from pedestrians while standing for six-hour periods beside a presentation board that prominently displayed his book's cover along with a written summation of the information operation.

In July 2008 David conducted a guerrilla press conference on the New York Times fire escape in which he excoriated the Bush war policy on national headline news and announced the development of an ideological miracle weapon to defeat Al Qaeda nonviolently.  David's legal consequence was decided in an extremely close vote by a long-hung Grand Jury that had vacillated between dismissing all charges and disciplining David with a nominal "slap-on-the-wrist" charge.  The Grand Jury had convened to listen to the prosecutor's interrogation of David in room 911 of the court building.  David was "punished" with a voluntary term of 4-0 hours of community service at any location of his choosing, which he performed at the garden and chapel of St. Mary's rest home in his hometown of West Hartford.  Since David was not jailed or fined and he devotes his life to regular acts of community service, he was really not punished at all for his New York Times press conference.

While on the tenth floor of the NYT fire escape during his guerrilla press conference in 2008, David bled onto the world famous ladder from a minor cut on his arm.  Soon after, he saw a ladybug fly onto his hand.  He put it in his pocket, where the heralded good-luck charm remained for the duration of the event.  After the press conference concluded, David proceeded to debriefing with the NYPD and was driven across town by an officer Malone.  His partner commented that David and the driver looked so similar that the two Malones could be brothers.  Throughout David's brief detention after the nonviolent act of civil disobedience, dozens of police officers went out of their way to personally congratulate David for bravely rebutting the two leading belligerents of the 9/11 War and articulating a feasible nonviolent solution.  These sentiments were echoed by some in the press, such as an ABC news headline that labeled David a super hero who packs a political punch.  Despite multiple death threats and assassination attempts stemming from a few instances of misleading news coverage of the press conference, David has survived for four years since the 2008 event.   

A week after David's guerrilla press conference in July 2008, an elderly woman snuck a kiss on David's lips at a wedding.  The next morning her lips had swollen up to five times their normal size.  Days earlier, her son had tried unsuccessfully to have David committed to a mental institution because he disapproved of David's guerrilla press conference as described by some news media organizations.

A New York Daily News reporter who wrote a take-down piece on David about his unorthodox press conference was laid off from her job a month later.  Another New York Daily News reporter who wrote a more vicious take-down piece on David was hit by a cab and hospitalized days after its publication.

The retractable satellite dish of a news van knocked a tree branch down onto the power line hanging from the "2 over 666" telephone pole on the day of David's 2008 guerrilla press conference.  Of the dozens of news stories on David's press conference, a small fraction attacked David's character, published his home address and spread blatant misinformation about his information operation.  Internet chatter generated by these slanderous accounts included a series of death threats.  For four years after his press conference, David has lived openly at his undefended home under constant threat of death from both Al Qaeda and American right-wing zealots.  David concedes there exist hundreds of ways that an assassin could kill him surreptitiously.

Following David's publicized warning in the 2008 press conference concerning an Al Qaeda plot to rig the upcoming presidential election in favor of George W. Bush's chosen successor, the most influential newspaper (owned by a Republican company) in his home state of Connecticut falsely accused the peace activist David of campaigning for John McCain and wrongfully identified David as a militant white supremacist.  This lead cover story contradicted every other published account of the press conference, as well as the poster David hung from the New York Times building, the website that David was pitching and David's eponymous book Bin Laden's Plan published three years earlier.  This book unequivocally rebukes the war policy of the Bush administration, warns about an ongoing Al Qaeda conspiracy to rig every U.S. national election in favor of war hawks, and concludes with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King as a preamble for a peaceful solution to the 9/11 War.  As identified on David's website at the time of the press conference, David's thesis strongly supported the initiative to conclude the war rapidly espoused by the soon-to-be-first African-American U.S. president.  Beyond David's support for candidate Obama's political platform, David's views on race have been an open book.  Racism is antithetical to David's published creed, which espouses nonviolence and acceptance of all peoples as a single race.  Ironically, the same newspaper that levied these spurious charges against David publicly endorsed John McCain in the 2008 presidential contest.  Despite repeated requests by multiple individuals, the newspaper refused to retract these false allegations that it later posted permanently on its website.  David has survived two assassination attempts, numerous death threats and repeated cyber-attacks since this newspaper, along with a couple lesser offenders, led a disinformation campaign against David's information operation.  These obstructionists chose to contradict flattering accounts of the anti-Al Qaeda press conference, distorting its message and trying to character-assassinate the director of the information operation that will peacefully terminate the 9/11 War.  Although technically guilty of high treason for sabotaging the miracle weapon that will win the war, these few unfortunate media organizations deserve reprieve from penalty because of their ignorance of the fact that their articles were providing major support to Al Qaeda on the ideological front.

During his years at Kingswood Oxford school, David adamantly rejected the elitism of this prep school's culture.  As is typical of such schools, no KO graduate has died in the post-9/11 War, and few have served.  Quite apart from the KO tradition, David has distinguished himself as a KO alumnus who committed his life to battling Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield.  In an attempt to defend all of the troops and civilians threatened by Al Qaeda, David has risked his life to conduct an operation to end the war nonviolently.  A decade after graduating KO at the top of his class, David conducted his guerrilla press conference in which he harshly criticized the sitting Republican president and issued a nationally publicized warning about an Al Qaeda plot to rig the U.S. presidential election in favor of the Republican candidate by launching the syndicate's largest terrorist surge since 9/11 during the weeks before Voting Day.  The conservative bastion at KO responded to David's act of championing Barack Obama's election with attempts to assassinate David's character and incite others to attack him at his home.  In addition to public words of condemnation, these attacks have included multiple acts of vandalism of David's home by KO students caught on hidden camera.  A series of computer attacks have exhibited signs of involvement by the same group of people.  More seriously, this character assassination campaign sponsored by some individuals in the KO community has been linked with two nearly-successful attempts to murder David.  
Further aggravating relations at the time of David's press conference, KO (under a headmaster whose name sounds like "Biz-guard") installed a used tire repository in the form of an athletic playing field located a stone's throw away from David's home.  David has since published a report criticizing the KO administration for installing this unmarked carcinogenic playing field without approval from its neighbors.  Already, America's two largest cities and a growing number of communities and nation's have banned playing fields composed of this so-called "tire turf" that had spread across the nation during the days of Bush-era deregulation.  These opponents of the discount artificial fields have justified their bans by citing both the heat-stroke hazards of turf that can warm to 160 degrees and the dangers of exposure to known carcinogens from vapors and particles on the field.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health advisory recommending that information about these dangers be posted on fields, as well as recommendations that people follow decontamination procedures after using the field.  David's compilation of public disclosures on this widespread health hazard appears to have amplified the atmosphere of hostility toward David fostered at KO.  

Keeping true to the nonviolent code of the public awareness campaign that incited these misguided attacks, David has not and will not retaliate against these individuals, nor will he allow their acts of violence to deter him from the goal of ending the 9/11 War quickly and nonviolently.  Furthermore, anyone who does attack these misguided individuals will actually be attacking David and the information operation by associating his campaign with violence.  Simply acknowledging that David has suffered to save you and your loved ones is an appropriate response to this revelation of his persecution, nothing more.  The genie of discovery at is already "out of the bottle".  Regardless of whether Al Qaeda and its unwitting abettors succeed in assassinating David's character or person, they will all fail to stop his information operation, and then the war machine of the 9/11 Destroyer will lose.

Although is a nonviolent campaign, unaffiliated groups or individuals with extensive resources or special skills might commit acts of violence in order to defend it from attackers.  This group of assassins, that we can call Group A, will perceive the people attacking, called Group B, to be a direct threat to both Group A and its loved ones because Group B facilitates Al Qaeda's Great Extinction plot by attempting to sabotage the information operation that can save the world from this scheme, destroy Al Qaeda and end the 9/11 War nonviolently.  Group A consists of leading mafia figures in Russia, China, Japan, Columbia, Mexico and elsewhere, as well as billionaires, high-ranking public officials in countries across the globe and individuals with special forces training.  Even though David has publicly identified any violent defenders of his information operation to be actually enemies of, these preemptive words might not deter everyone from confronting obstructionists whose words or deeds have the effect of seriously threatening to kill everyone.  Another group of people, Group C, will defend David's information operation through nonviolent means by using their extensive financial resources to post multi-million-dollar rewards for actionable information on the identities of individuals who have attacked David and his public awareness campaign since his 2008 press conference.  Either based on greed, altruism  or fear that they will be implicated and assassinated for the attacks on and its director, individuals will divulge the identities of the attackers.  Additionally, Group C will attempt to thwart future attacks on by providing security for the nonprofit organization and nonviolently silencing character assassins who target David.

Although David has developed a theoretical construct that can defend everyone from Al Qaeda, David cannot defend an individual who either kills himself, detonates a high-altitude radiological bomb over New York City, or aids Al Qaeda in this scheme.  Most seriously, an attack on the information operation is tantamount to an attack on all of humanity in that it advances Al Qaeda's plan for a Great Extinction event.  In this context, opponents of the initiative pose an existential threat to the Earth's entire biosphere.  Nevertheless, any individuals who attack these obstructionists will fail to stop them all, particularly assassins sent by Al Qaeda's high command who are ignorant of the revelation.  Ultimately, these self-purported defenders of will only delegitimize the public awareness campaign by ostensibly associating it with violence.  Belligerency should be left in the despicable province of the Al Qaeda leadership, whose ambition to proceed with the Great Extinction plot will likely prompt the Zawahiri group to wage a disinformation campaign against in prelude to a desperate violent campaign.   Given this preamble, we must now emphasize the fact that words can do mortal damage in the 9/11 War.  On the war's main front, the ideological battlefield where the loyalty of the Muslim world hangs in the balance, words have already reeked havoc on attempts to eliminate the doomsday threat posed by Al Qaeda.
-  In the opening days of the 9/11 War, George W. Bush used the term "crusade" to characterize America's planned military response to the 9/11 attack.  With a single word, the supreme commander of the superpower's military stoked widespread fears among Muslims worldwide about a modern version of the Crusades led by America.  At the start of 2002, Bush heightened Muslim trepidation by announcing a global war in which he forbid neutrality, "you're either with us or against us".  Bush confirmed these fears in 2003 with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the world's premier oil real estate and most vocal opponent of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory, on pretenses proven unequivocally to be false.  The ideological fallout from this historic diplomatic blunder shifted the tide of the war in favor of Al Qaeda such that by 2007 the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate classified Al Qaeda to be as strong as ever.
-  During the Bush administration, a two-star general leading the U.S. hunt for Bin Laden made a widely publicized speech in uniform at an Evangelical church in which he framed the 9/11 War as an existential religious conflict pitting Christianity versus an inferior Islamic religion that America intended to eradicate.  The Bush Administration refused to punish the U.S. military commander leading the Bin Laden manhunt for comments that some U.S. diplomats and counterterrorism officials described as the most damaging event of the post-9/11 War.
-  The Bush Administration encouraged the proliferation of U.S. Evangelical organizations to Iraq that openly supported the Iraq invasion in order to convert the Muslim residents to Christianity as the first strike in an offensive holy war.
-  During the first two years of the Obama presidency, an obscure Southern preacher openly defied the president and, after much trumpeting, held a National Koran Burning Day intended to characterize the 9/11 War as an existential conflict between Christianity and Islam.  This event helped encourage Muslims to believe that America's animus towards Islam extended far beyond the U.S. military-industrial complex to include the American public at large.  Many counterterrorism analysts described the Koran burning as both a boon to Al Qaeda recruitment and a powerful attack on U.S. troops serving in the Muslim world who would bear the brunt of Muslim outrage about this incident.
If we are to posit that the ideological weapon presented at will totally neutralize the Al Qaeda menace with a diplomatic miracle, then it is logical to presume that poorly chosen words about this information operation could have an impact hundreds or thousands of times more pernicious than any diplomatic blunders to date.  An individual could execute a mass-casualty terrorist attack inside America in the name of Al Qaeda and still damage the U.S. war effort far less than a few misplaced words about  Obstructionists will cease attacks on this information operation or risk being publicly identified as critical cogs in the Al Qaeda war machine that pose an imminent existential threat to humanity.  Who but the Al Qaeda leadership could take offense when we recite a magical combination of words that ends Bin Laden's 9/11 War?  How could an individual justify this opposition to a nonviolent and inexpensive alternative to prevailing U.S. policy in light of the conflict's casualties, the millions of Muslims and others whose lives have been devastated or destroyed by the war to date and the entirety of humanity imperiled by Al Qaeda's Great Extinction plot?  Since the 2008 press conference, the thesis has been vetted by numerous scholars and authoritatively verified to be a self-evident truth of the 9/11 War.  Although the campaign always encourages constructive criticism of the information operation, destructive criticism should be discouraged nonviolently by simply ignoring these misguided voices.  We will not give them the microphone they would use to commit suicide and facilitate a global nuclear holocaust.  No sane individual who understands this ideological wonder weapon would attempt to help obstruct it from destroying Al Qaeda and preventing Bin Laden's Great Extinction plot.


David was born into a middle-class family living in history's most powerful nation.

If David had been born a girl, her name would have been Angela.

David climbed out of his crib and fractured his right arm as a baby.

As a Kindergartener at St. Gabriel's elementary school in Windsor, Connecticut, David displayed remarkable penmanship.  On one occasion, his Kindergarten teacher was so impressed with David's penmanship that she insisted that he interrupt ongoing classes for first and second grade in order to show the four dozen older children and their teachers his handwriting.  In later years, a number of David's teachers confided to him that he was their best student ever.

David was well protected throughout his life.  He was blessed with the most kind and loving mother that he could imagine.  For most of David's life, he lived next to two police officers and a state's attorney.  His older brother Joseph was known as the toughest kid in West Hartford, a distinction that provided young David with an umbrella of protection from older bullies.  In one town soccer game, there was a notorious bully three years older than David who was playing illicitly in David's younger league.  He chose to pick a fight with David, who would aggressively slide-tackle the bigger boy without fear of repercussion.  The bully was thrown out of the game and proceeded to taunt David from the sidelines and tell his teammates that he would beat up David.  Apparently outmatched by the much larger bully, David nervously anticipated a fight at the end of the game, which his team won largely because of the absence of their star-bully.  However, before the game concluded Joseph showed up at the Hall High field.  Once informed of the situation, Joseph confronted the now outmatch bully and ordered him to apologize to David.  The sheepish apology convinced David that this bully would never threaten him again.  Joseph had similarly intervened when an older bully confronted David at St. Gabriel's school in Windsor, Connecticut.  And again Joseph interceded when the most respected upperclassman in David's elementary school was confronted by an older bully on the basketball court at King Phillip middle school, an event that won for David a measure of social protection from this upperclassman and his boys for the remainder of his time at Whiting Lane school.

For his first thirteen years David was protected by a dog, a golden retriever and German shepherd mix that resembled a golden lioness.  David Malone's family members were known as the people who walked around the neighborhood with a dog that looked like a leashed rampant lion.  In dozens of unavoidable fights with unleashed dogs (she was too powerful to restrain), she never once lost.  Her presence provided David's family with a measure of personal protection on numerous occasions.  When an older boy once bullied David's brother Joseph in their Windsor yard, Farrah charged out of the house and scared the bully into crashing through a shed door.  For what must have seemed like a long five minutes, the befuddled bully desperately held in place the mangled door to prevent the ferociously barking Farrah from entering the shed.  

When David was 11, he was notorious for waking up his family with trumpet practice at 5AM.

As a child, David regularly climbed the old media tower in Kingswood field.

David's favorite part about churchgoing was slipping out of the service unnoticed and climbing a tree in the parking lot.

As a boy, David valued giving gifts more than receiving them.  David always gave gifts to friends who visited his home.  The thought of getting the right gift to give dominated David's mind at Christmas.  When visiting Santa at the local mall as a young boy, David gave Santa a gift -- a wig, because the previous year David had seen Santa remove his hat and hair to reveal that he was in fact bald.

While Bin Laden created Al Qaeda in 1988, young David and a friend whose name means "war angel" played a messianic game with imaginary characters.  The two played the roles of angels who save humanity from demons.

At age 12, David first entered the nation's capital while riding in his Democratic Grandmother's gray Accord.  By recounting a war narrative that supports the Democratic party, David will ride into the nation's capital on a donkey.

As a 5th grader, David once had his soccer ball confiscated by a tyrannical teacher.  As he walked away, David threw a snowball twenty yards and knocked the schoolyard Goliath upside the head and onto the ground.

As a teenager, two of David's nicknames were "Moses" and "Mailman" based on two NBA basketball stars named Malone.

David received an A+ for a course taught by Mrs. Heartagain at Kingswood.

Throughout his years in school David was generally the top student in his class, in terms of academics, athletics, business entrepreneurship and physical toughness / bully prevention.

Academics:  Attending two of the highest ranked schools in the nation for his primary and secondary education, David continuously scored as one of the top students in his class academically.  On the PSAT, widely regarded as the best measure of a student's scholastic aptitude (before the pressures of college preparation and varsity athletics impinge on a student's ability to perform academically), David ranked among the top 3% of students in the nation.  David graduated from Kingswood Oxford preparatory school ranked among the top students in his class (with cum laude and honor society status) following a one-year workload that included seven college (advanced placement) classes and three varsity sports.  David attended one of the top-20-ranked universities in the nation.  Upon discovering his life's work in developing the miracle weapon, David left college to continue this R&D under tutelage by one of the 20th century's leading scientists, longtime member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Dr. Tom Malone.

Sports:  In David's first fifteen seconds of an organized soccer game, he dribbled through the opposing team and scored.  This game was held at Morley field, named after one of West Hartford's most famous residents who helped lay the scientific groundwork for Einstein's revelation into the nature of light.  As a 5th grader, David won a one-mile footrace versus his fellow 5th and 6th graders in which he beat the 2nd-place-winner by half a mile.  During the same year in a town league soccer game pitting David's Marauders versus the "Destroyers", David kicked a half-field-long goal that never touched the ground.  As a captain David led the Marauders to win the championship that year.  Earlier that year, David had helped win the town league baseball championship with the game-winning hit, a double that he knocked in while wearing a mismatched red sock.  Later that year, David represented his town league basketball team Edart in the all-star game.  As a senior on the KO varsity basketball team, in a series of 50-yard footraces in December 1996 David once beat the second-place-runner by an average of 20 yards.  During David Thomas' first year of college, his university's football team won the national championship.  A virtually unknown backup quarterback on that team named Tom Brady went on to lead the millennium dynasty of the New England Patriots.  During David's brother Joe's first year of college, his university's football team won the national championship.  In his adult life David was known for circus-like maneuvers in hacky-sack juggling, basketball shooting and playing the outfield during softball games

Thievery:  For most of his life, David perceived the free-market capitalism in our society governed by corporations as an expression of unregulated greed run amok.  Legalized thievery targeting private individuals and the general public is not only allowed, it is an essential mechanism of the system.  Mass murder for profit is also permissible and prevalent, as evinced by the 500,000 who die every year from second-hand cigarette smoke, or the thousands who die from cancer caused by some of the thousands of unregulated industrial chemicals polluting the biosphere, or the millions suffering because of wars and global climate change willfully inflicted upon humanity by Big Oil.  Inspired by a devotion to public service common in his family, David has always envisioned himself in a Robin Hood scenario in which he would steal from businesses run by wealthy thieves and murderers in order to finance a covert mission to save the world.  By employing the thievery rule of capitalism to suit his own designs, David planned to fund his enterprise to solve the world's problems with a remedy that would end the legalized thievery and murder dominating our society's economy in favor of a civilization based on economic justice and respect for life.  As a boy, David regularly shoplifted from Kingswood Market.  While at Kingswood school, David pilfered thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that he later fenced.  Over the course of his childhood David stole over 100 grand, including tens of thousands of dollars from Exxon-Mobil.  At age 29, David arrived on the world stage as a thief in the night by stealing four hours of airtime on national headline news from 1:30AM to 5:30AM, along with millions of dollars in news publicity after the event.  David never spent his savings on anything other than his mission to save the world.  After formalizing the mission in 1998 upon the emergence of Bin Laden, David spent over $60,000 to finance independently his nonprofit information operation to destroy Al Qaeda nonviolently.  David donates to a charity for 9/11 victim families 100% of his revenues from his only public business, worldwide sales of his paperbacks Bin Laden's Plan (2005) and Bin Laden's Plan Exposed (2012) -- both freely available as e-books.  

Schoolyard Fights:  As a schoolboy, David was renown among his peers for his propensity to fight and humble all of the bullies in the class.  David never lost a fist fight.  David's only serious fights occurred from K-3.  From fourth grade until college, David settled a few physical disputes with arm-bar submissions.  On three different occasions while in Kingswood middle school, David intervened between other students to prevent a stabbing (by an underclassman named John), a shooting (by a classmate named Jimmy) and a rape (by a classmate named Ken).  Upperclassmen at KO were afraid to bully David and his friends.  Since high school, David has successfully resolved all of his social conflicts nonviolently.

In class David vociferously encouraged his peers to take interest in learning about our fascinating universe.

David frequently demonstrated a willingness to question the legitimacy of any rule or authority that did not make sense to him.

David was always known as one of the most well read and prolific writers in his class.

Having a notorious reputation as an Irish teenager in an elite prep school, David was wrongfully accused and punished for a dumpster fire and theft of lacrosse sticks at Kingswood middle school.

David was once caught cheating on a quiz at Kingswood.  In a few isolated instances David did cheat on some minor quizzes when the pressure of achieving an outstanding academic record with an ever-increasing workload of high-honors classes, tri-varsity athletics, part-time employment and a private fencing operation overwhelmed David's natural aversion to academic cheating.  However, David has never plagiarized writing at any point in his life.

David purportedly had the worst record of tardiness for any Kingswood graduate, even though he lived practically adjacent to the school.

While at the University of Michigan, David first lived in the Mary Markley dorm and then transferred to the 5 Angel floor in another dorm.  In his second year he lived at 402 East Jefferson St, read "For two, St. Thomas of the east".


David is known as extremely generous and devoted to serving others, particularly in the cause of world peace and prosperity for all.

David devoted the best years of his life to developing the miracle wonder weapon that will end Bin Laden's war.

In seeking to incite mutinous insurrection against Al Qaeda's leadership, David is motivated not by greed or vengeance but by a desire to prevent the future acts of mega-terrorism and insurgency that Al Qaeda aims to mushroom into a Great Extinction event.

Illness-free, David is in great physical and mental condition.  David exercises and meditates regularly.  David is known for exceptional cleanliness in personal hygiene.

David has been friends with people from every race and major religion.  

David always prefers to collaborate with others rather than compete, particularly regarding the advancement of the human prospect imperiled by existential dangers of the modern world.

David identifies himself as a one-issue independent who casts his votes solely based on the goal of winning the 9/11 War, in part by counteracting Al Qaeda's strategy to launch October Surprise terrorist operations designed to rig every U.S. national election since the millennium in favor of the war-hawk party.

David has committed himself to financing and directing the 14-year-old information operation currently presented at the educational website  He donates all revenues from his published book to a charity for 9/11 victim families, and all of his books and essays are freely available online.  David has primarily worked roofing construction and landscaping to finance his nonprofit organization.  In previous years, financing for came from David's bussing tables in a restaurant, transporting and loading cargo in a warehouse, sorting mail and packages, parking cars at an auto auction, computer consultation, office assistance, store clerking, and construction clean-up.  David generated additional revenue for the campaign by snow shoveling housing developments and roofs during the record-breaking snowfalls of early 2011.  David has never collected unemployment benefits.

A saintly man named Patrick employed David as a carpenter's apprentice after the Iraq invasion.  Patrick invited David to join his crew of roofing construction workers after witnessing David's exercise routine of high-flying hacky-sack juggling.  Patrick has since designated David to be the most skilled climber on his roofing crew.  David has earned his primary source of income since 2003 as a carpenter's apprentice.

David devoted a significant amount of his writing to public service projects outside of the scope of, including
A novel theological doctrine that aims to bridge the divides between the world's religions
A model for free universal education
The schematics for a novel smart-phone app that enhances and facilitates grocery shopping (originally created for his mother)
A comprehensive physical fitness regime designed for both home and gym that is based on years of research and practice
A report citing over a dozen of the most famous news media outlets on the known hazards of crumb-rubber artificial turf, including overheating as well as the vaporization and seepage of carcinogens onto children's playing fields
A compilation of the writings and career of Dr. Thomas Malone

David chose to spend the final years of his life with his family before launching the ideological miracle weapon that will destroy Al Qaeda.

David has restricted himself to a subsistence-level standard of living since the millennium in order to harness all available resources, including time and money, for developing the ideological weapon through his nonprofit think tank.  David has never owned a car, nor has he purchased clothing since the millennium.

During the times when David did not self-buzz his hair to save barber money, David's hair stylist has chosen to give David "The Caesar" style since his first appearance on national news in 1997.

David has spent over one hundred hours shoveling sidewalks and driveways as a neighborly gesture.

David spent three hundred hours creating memoir websites for his Irish grandparents.  David has spent more time assisting his Malone grandparents than all of their other sixteen grandchildren combined.

David insists on eating last at dinnertime.

David's favorite TV series is Star Trek, largely because it encapsulates the dreams of world peace and a sustainable human prospect that motivate his career.

A Google-search for "David Malone" and "Bin Laden" produces two main results, the director of and another "David Malone" who is a former president of the International Peace Institute.

An Irish proverb claims that "God created whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world."  David does not drink alcohol.

David has been described as a world class athlete in the sport of hacky-sack juggling, a variation of the world's most popular sport.  On his home court in the Kingswood district of his town, David regularly plays the role of jester for one hour by performing exhibitions of acrobatic hacky-sack juggling.

One of David's nicknames as a young boy was Elmer.  David's writer's hideaway is located in an area known as Elmer's Corner.

David's closest life-long friend has a name that means "lion hunter".

1999:  In the "year of the hidden beast", David began his information operation when he discovered that Bin Laden was a modern-day Hitler who was trying to imitate the 666 beast known as the 9:11 Destroyer of Revelation.  David's best friend at the time was named Solomon, Sol for short.  As a German-American, Sol was acutely attuned to the potential threat of a 21st-century Hitler and encouraged interest in the subject.  David has worn a red Sun Devils baseball cap (wordlessly adorned with the Sun Devil mascot) and a basketball jersey that reads "Sixers 3, I-ver-son-3" since this time in 1999 as a warning about the modern-day Hitler and an announcement that David is brainstorming on the development of an ideological miracle weapon that can destroy this demonic leader by exposing his blood-thirsty nature to his followers.  

David has a cousin-in-law named John who has the mark of the beast "666" tattooed on his collar bone.  David last saw him in the week after mark-of-the-beast day, 6/6/6.  Soon after, the cousin John was imprisoned for a number of years.

David has no tattoos and wears no jewelry.

David has a birthmark on his upper-left ribcage.  His natural chest hair forms an "X".  His right handprint bears a straight horizontal line.  He has straight hair.  

David's manhood is associated with the number "7" and characterized by its ability to hide until needed.  With the turtle power of Irish manhood, his seven-inch penis shrinks into a wee little target when in a fist fight.  David was reluctant to reveal this symbolic information, but his willingness to sacrifice all that he owns for this information operation trumped his modesty.

David is a sexual innocent.  Although he has been sexually propositioned by dozens of girls, David is an unlucky-in-love heterosexual who never had a girlfriend or even dated.  Despite having had many female social friends, David has always been alone romantically.  Since going public with his information operation he is no longer allowed to have a girlfriend, according to multiple criteria for the public awareness campaign.  David is so committed to the nonprofit nature of this urgent initiative that he will not share any of his time or financial resources with a lover.

David has a perfect driving record.  Unlike many other drivers, David has never recklessly endangered others on the road.


David advocates servant leadership such that kings serve much as slaves to their people.  The message at is the real king, and David is just its usher, the slave of a slave-king.  Quite apart from being a superior citizen, David is merely an ordinary human being who accidentally stumbled upon a divine discovery.  Any suggestion of his importance implied by this biographical sketch only exists to highlight the importance of the innovative message in the eyes of Islamic apocalypticists.  Rather than elevating David's socioeconomic status, this discovery has obligated him to forsake the pleasures of modern American living and commit his life to serving humanity as an ideological soldier in the war against Al Qaeda.