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Trends Analysis

The Trends Analysis of Al Qaeda Plots
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Representing the defensive front of the public awareness campaign, director David Malone's successful record of war forecasting is based on a novel trends analysis of Al Qaeda terrorist attacks and public statements.  Essentially, David’s projection of future Al Qaeda plots has endeavored to answer one question: How would Al Qaeda's high command behave if it aimed to portray the megalomaniacal Osama as the awaited millennial Muslim Messiah of the Apocalypse waging the mythological global war against the crusading "Great Satan Empire"? 

Informed through this trends analysis, David accurately anticipated the 9/11 attack and the ensuing U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  His 2004 forecast correctly foreshadowed a major attack on a U.S. hotel in Egypt and Bin Laden's infamous pre-election video in October, days before the U.S. presidential election.  His 2006 forecast published in his 2005 book Bin Laden's Plan accurately anticipated the failed Al Qaeda mega-terrorist plot known as the Atlantic airlines bombings, originally scheduled for the weeks before the U.S. midterm election.  David’s success in accurately anticipating this Al Qaeda plot led him to publicize nationally another prediction about a similar Al Qaeda October Surprise plot in 2008 designed to rig the U.S. election in favor of the war hawk John McCain.  This 2008 forecast was fulfilled when Al Qaeda launched its greatest surge of terrorism against American targets since 9/11 in the weeks before the 2008 vote.  Fortunately, the October Surprise plot failed to achieve its greatest goals, including the largest terrorist attack in world history during the opening days of October inside Mumbai.  Similarly, David's 2010 forecast accurately predicted Al Qaeda's most serious plot against the U.S. homeland since 9/11 days before the U.S. midterm election, a scheme to destroy cargo planes flying over the eastern seaboard.  In addition to specific Al Qaeda attacks, the patterns analysis has accurately anticipated the outbreak of Al Qaeda wars in the key battlefields identified by contemporary Islamic apocalyptic mythology, from Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan to Iraq and Syria to Yemen, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.


This trends analysis forecasted major Al Qaeda plots against American targets timed to influence U.S. national elections in 2012.  David’s projection anticipated that the Bin Laden syndicate would design these “October Surprise” psychological operations to rig votes in favor of war hawks, following the syndicate’s previous October Surprise terrorist attacks that aimed to support the presidential elections of George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 as well as John McCain in 2008.  Al Qaeda's largest post-9/11 surge against America in September 2012 marked the preliminary round of this pre-election surprise.  The scheme continued with a failed attempt to truck-bomb the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City during October 2012.

The passage of the prophetically significant landmark day of December 21st signifies the onset of the final stage of the apocalyptic rendition when Al Qaeda will attempt a mega-terrorist plot against the United States in a bid to fulfill the final battle scenes of the prophesied doomsday conflict.  Patterns in Al Qaeda warfare suggest a plan to attack New York City with a high-altitude radiological bombing designed to force the permanent evacuation of the city.