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9/11 Forecasted



In 1999 Director David Malone developed a trends analysis of Al Qaeda’s plots that accurately anticipated the 9/11 War.  Regarding the most noteworthy of his past forecasts about Al Qaeda plots, David specifically warned of the 9/11 plot as early as 1999, projecting that Bin Laden would attempt to start World War III with a catastrophic terrorist attack on the most high-profile buildings in the Washington, D.C. area and the Wall Street area of New York in 2001.  Like other counterterrorism experts such as Simon Reeve (author of The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism, 1999), David identified the World Trade Center as the primary target of Bin Laden’s millennial attack.  David's trends analysis further projected that, if successful, this unprecedented terrorist attack would provoke the successive American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  (See the below description of “Documentary Evidence” for a detailed examination of the original writings containing this forecast of the 9/11 War.)


David's accurate anticipation of the 9/11 War, including the inciting attack’s targets, timing and consequence, emerged primarily from a trends analysis of the following relevant history.

(1) Al Qaeda's public statements declared global war on America and later threatened the seats of American power in New York and Washington following President Clinton's botched cruise missile attack on Bin Laden in 1998.

(2) Bin Laden's pre-9/11 warpath demonstrated an escalating size, sophistication, symbolic importance and directness of attacks on America, indicating that Al Qaeda was next planning a catastrophic, sophisticated terrorist bombing of highly symbolic targets in the U.S. homeland.

(3) Al Qaeda's spectacular success in 1998 against the United States with simultaneous catastrophic bombings, the powerfully felt signature of terrorist sophistication, indicated that its next attack would employ this hallmark against buildings that represent the seats of American power.

(4) The failure of Al Qaeda's crusader-baiting strategy prior to 9/11 required a progression towards more inflammatory attempts to provoke America into invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

(5) Al Qaeda's anti-American propaganda justified its war as legitimate resistance to American imperialism and Bin Laden endeavored to portray symbolically his terrorist attacks in this light. The ultimate symbols of the American capitalism and militarism targeted by Al Qaeda's global insurgency were buildings located in New York's Wall Street district and the nation's capital city area.

(6 ) Bin Laden's long-winded support for the first World Trade Center bombing and confessions of convicted Al Qaeda conspirators indicated that he viewed this terrorist plot as an unfinished model operation for his war.

(7) Public expectation of reciprocity for the August 1998 bombings of Bin Laden's home bases in Afghanistan.

(8) Bin Laden's millennial Messiah pretension required that he initiate a "righteous" global war to destroy his "Great Satan" adversary at the start of the millennium, in the year 2001.

(9) The comparative historical warpaths of Napoleon and Hitler (history's other world war provocateurs) exhibit an anomalous parallel with Bin Laden's career that foreshadowed the 9/11 attack as a new Pearl Harbor that would provoke America to enter a world war.

(10) The belligerent disposition of the neo-conservative Bush Administration toward Iraq and its conspicuous ignorance of the Al Qaeda threat indicated that it would respond to the 9/11 attack with a token invasion of Al Qaeda's Afghanistan and a massive invasion of Iraq.

David sharpened this prediction by accurately anticipating the month that Al Qaeda executed the 9/11 attack, September 2001.  This forecast emerged from observation of Al Qaeda’s willful imitation of famous apocalyptic mythologies, particularly a most precise prediction about this time frame originating from ancient Egyptian prophecy.  Additionally, David honed this 9/11 prediction by accurately anticipating the month of the plot’s inception, July 1999.

For more info on the start date of the 9/11 conspiracy, see

The 9/11 Commission Report, Executive Summary

The 9/11 Commission Report
, electronic version (Microsoft Reader format), p.428, 432;

This early projection also emerged from consideration of Al Qaeda’s intentional emulation of prominent millennialist prophecies, especially Nostradamus’ most famous prediction about the Christian Antichrist / Muslim Messiah, identified as the “great King of Terror” who would arrive on the world scene in “July of 1999”.  In addition to this ancient prophetic factor, David reasoned that the scheduled launch date for 9/11 operation would be based on

(1) Al Qaeda’s habit of carefully planning its major attacks at least 1-2 years in advance (July 1999-September 2001)

(2) the anticipated millennium attack date.


NOTE: Read below description first to locate the individual parts of the 9/11 forecast within this 130-page document.

The 9/11 Prediction Document, "Story3.doc"
(130 p., MSWord format, 500K)
If i Ruled the World (C) 2001,
a screenplay by David Malone


Based on a trends analysis charting Osama bin Laden’s war against America, researcher David Malone precisely predicted the 9/11 attack and the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq in the following lines of the MSWord file "Story3.doc", a screenplay last modified August 29, 2001. Before 9/11, the theory that later evolved into the nonfiction book Bin Laden's Plan (Trafford, 2005) was crafted in the form of a dramatic screenplay, intended to be a warning dedicated to heightening public awareness about the Bin Laden threat to America.

Specifically, this document predicted:

· The timing of the 9/11 attack:

At the start of the third millennium

p. 35 - "In the first years of the onset of the third millennium he will begin his war . . . "

September 2001

p.38 - "And so agrees the ancient Egyptian's prophecy on the walls of the Great Pyramid . . . "*

Al Qaeda's next attack on America following the October 12, 2000 USS Cole bombing

p.35 - "A boat approaches a US Destroyer named the Cole and blows a gaping hole in it . . . In the first years of the onset of the third millennium he will begin his war . . . "

· The location and nature of the 9/11 attack:

Bin Laden will launch simultaneous, catastrophic terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. and Wall Street


p. 87 - "The bomb explodes, destroying Wall Street . . . "

· The Bush Administration's military retaliation

The successive American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq

p. 102 - "US Destroyers fired the most intense round yet of tomahawk missiles at suspected hideouts in Afghanistan for Osama Bin Laden. This was coupled with a round of bombing from Stealth bombers . . . "

p. 126 - "Underneath Baghdad. Base of operations. The pace is frantic. Special forces are preparing for battle . . . "

Iraq becomes the central front of Al Qaeda's war against America

p.37 - " Based in Iraq, Bin Laden, the Palestinian liberator, will launch a series of nuclear attacks on his enemies."

p.129 - "Moments ago, an elite military force of 50,000 men took control of Baghdad. In the ensuing firefights, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and his court were killed."

The upsurge in Al Qaeda attacks following the Iraq invasion

p.129 - "I come to you tonight in the wake of the greatest tragedy this world has ever seen. New York, LA, Jerusalem and Paris have been destroyed. Rome has also now been obliterated from a sea-launched warhead."


· The specific year in which this screenplay takes place, 2003, was chosen because it was the year anticipated for the release of the movie (as of the time when this version was saved, on August 29, 2001). Because of the time difference between the expected attack (2001, the first year of the new millennium) and the anticipated release of the movie, the screenplay focuses on the general timeframe of "at the start of the new millennium" as the predicted time of the beginning of Bin Laden's world war. Nevertheless, as indicated by the final line of the screenplay ("No dates, just specified as the near future."), this screenplay represented a warning about Bin Laden's imminent attack in September 2001 and America's invasion of Iraq.

· The sentence that dates the beginning of Bin Laden's world war as the start of the third millennium also states that this event will be marked by a nuclear weapons exchange. This passage actually describes two successive events, the world war and the preceding global conflict, that are spawned by Bin Laden's attempt to imitate the mythological figure of the Mahdi, the prophesized Muslim Messiah of the millennialist Apocalypse. Most specifically, this passage pinpoints that the precise beginning of the new millennium, 2001, will mark the provocation of Bin Laden's global conflict. This interpretation stems from the plot of the screenplay, which identifies Bin Laden as the Antichrist, or Messiah Pretender, who initiates a global conflict that he escalates into a nuclear war. In this context of millennial Messiah pretension, the timing of the 9/11 War conspicuously portrays Bin Laden as the Mahdi, whom contemporary believers widely expected would appear in the opening year of the new millennium to begin his war against the Great Satan empire. More generally, the above passage that anticipated the 9/11 attack also predicts that Bin Laden's millennialist war will soon explode into an official world war marked by nuclear weapons exchanges. In this interpretation, the phrase "at the start of the third millennium" refers to the millennium's opening years up until the "prophesized" war's culmination in 2013. The screenplay further describes the nuclear war as postdating Bin Laden's simultaneous attacks on New York and Washington, DC, as well as the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  The description of the “bomb” that destroys Wall Street refers to a scenario described in Simon Reeve’s book The New Jackals (published in 1999) that examines Al Qaeda’s continued efforts to repeat with greater success its 1993 attempt to topple the Twin Towers with conventional explosives and create a domino effect that would destroy surrounding skyscrapers in the Wall Street area.

* In forecasting the critical events of Bin Laden's global war, designed to imitate the prophesized Apocalypse War slated to climax after 2012, the screenplay references an Ancient Egyptian prophecy encoded in the Great Pyramid at Giza (discovered in the early 20th century and referenced in the below 1994 publication). This ancient prophecy marked September 2001 as the start of the final war of “the purification of the nations” (Moira Timms, Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, 1994, p.121-122, 132-134).

p.132-133 - "September 17, 2001, the last predictive date of the Great Pyramid . . . this date is the time set for . . . the final stages of karmic retribution, and the possibility of planetary initiation . . . possibly in the form of war and/or the complete purging of all back-karma . . . which represents calamities and physical catastrophes". (Bold italics added)

As observed by a History Channel documentary on this subject, decades before 9/11 pyramid researchers widely identified September 2001 as the final predictive date in the Great Pyramid’s prophetic time line. 

"Nostradamus Effect: Doomsday Hieroglyphs", History Channel documentary, 2009, available via 

Incredibly, this prophecy pinpoints the date September 17, 2001, the day that President Bush launched America's 9/11 War. With his de facto declaration of war on Afghanistan and his promulgation of America's 9/11 War doctrine, President Bush began a global military campaign that would quickly overlook a largely unfinished war against Al Qaeda in favor of unilateral "preemptive" war against nations without a terrorist association with Al Qaeda. 

Unwittingly, Bush helped to fulfill Bin Laden’s bid at emulating apocalyptic prophecy, both with his poorly timed announcement and his apocalyptic neo-conservative war strategy. 

Al Qaeda’s willful attempt to mirror famous millennialist prophecies, particularly this most accurate Egyptian prediction, constituted the primary basis for the above screenplay’s accurate forecast of the 9/11 War.