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Messiah Pretension

Bin Laden’s Goal

Messiah Pretension

by David Malone



2013, 280 pages
(13) The Christian books of Zechariah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation

(14) "AQs_Millennialist_Knowledgebase"



Bin Laden saw himself as called "to follow in the footsteps of the Messenger and to communicate his message to all nations," and to serve as the rallying point and organizer for a new kind of war to destroy America and bring the world to Islam.

(The 9/11 Commission Report)


Osama bin Laden has carefully crafted his public image to mirror the long-awaited Sunni-Muslim Messiah of the Apocalypse known as the Mahdi, Islam's most heralded mythological figure.  Interestingly, the legitimacy of Islamic prophecies about the Mahdi is totally undermined by the conspicuous omission of this “main character” from the Koranic account of the Apocalypse.  Nevertheless, this religious warlord is ironically the subject of widely accepted Islamic scriptures detailing the eruption of his world war against a “Great Satan” empire.  According to a host of ancient prophetic traditions observed by Muslim apocalypticists, the Mahdi’s Apocalypse War was slated to begin at the onset of the third millennium. 

In a duplicitous attempt to vivify this myth at the anointed time, during the opening of the third millennium, the 9/11 attack intentionally aimed to goad America into portraying the murderous role of the "Great Satan" empire from which the prophesized Mahdi saves the Muslim world.  The Bush Administration’s repeated threats to retaliate for the actions of a fringe cult by launching a “forty-year War on Terror” throughout the Muslim world, involving large-scale invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond, served to vindicate the anti-American sentiment that fuels the mass appeal of Al Qaeda's global insurgency against the “evil” superpower.  In this manner, Bush’s catastrophic blunder created the mythological parallelism necessary for implementing Bin Laden’s apocalyptic plot.  Finally, Al Qaeda’s portrayal of Bin Laden as the arch-nemesis of America completed his preparations for fulfilling the Mahdi prophecy.

With the rhetoric of anti-imperialism and Islamic revivalism, Bin Laden’s millennialist cult has cloaked its true message to the world: "Hail to Osama, the awaited paragon of humanity".  Underneath these airs of righteousness Bin Laden’s core nature was manifested by his intentional provocation of the 9/11 War, an apocalyptic conflict that he has designed to culminate with the murder of two-thirds of humanity (a death toll of four billion people) in accordance with Christian prophecy in the book of Revelation.  Bin Laden secretly wishes to trigger a multi-billion death toll for his war against “the Great Satan” in order to provide precise prophetic verification of his claim that the 9/11 War is the long-awaited Apocalypse War and he is the Muslim Messiah.  This abominable machination represents a tribute not to the cult leader’s frequently professed love for oppressed Muslims, but to the megalomaniacal vanity of a depraved Saudi prince masquerading as the world's savior.  Far from a modern version of the Prophet Mohammed or George Washington, Bin Laden is actually an apocalyptic cult leader in the mold of Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, Shoko Asahara, or David Koresh.  Like his infamous predecessors, today’s Messiah pretender will successfully feign righteousness in the war he began on 9/11/1 until his self-serving nature is exposed and his public image lies shattered beyond repair.


“Allah has bought from the believers their lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them Paradise: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.  It is a promise binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Koran.  And who is more true to his pledge than Allah?  Rejoice then in the bargain you have struck, for that is the supreme triumph” (9:111) . . .
“Then fight the leaders of infidelity – surely their oaths are nothing – so that they may desist” (9:12) . . . “Fight them until there is no more chaos and all religion belongs to Allah” (8:39).  And among those needing to be fought at this day and age are those rulers who govern the people without sharia (Islamic holy law) – they who fight against the people of Islam, the infidels from among the Jews, Christians and others.”

(As quoted in the exegesis of apocalyptic Koranic verses by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's top deputy, in his treatise "Jihad, Martyrdom, and the Killing of Innocents")


Muslim apocalypticists revere not only Islamic scripture but also elements from the prophetic traditions of other cultures, particularly Christianity, as authentic descriptions of the Muslim Messiah’s world war.  Bin Laden’s alignment with this Apocalypse mythology stems only marginally from his natural endowments and other random coincidences.   Most influentially, the cult leader’s WILLFUL imitation of the following characteristics and achievements has provided this false Messiah with the theological "proof" for his implicit claim that he is the prophesized Mahdi. 

1)   The Mahdi establishes a global stateless empire that wages an Islamic holy war against a "Great Satan" empire, which is responsible for an unparalleled oppression of Muslims worldwide.  In a conflict characterized by unprecedented fiery destruction, his army proceeds to conquer the world by military force using weapons composed of artificial stars (nuclear weapons)*.  Representing both a defensive and offensive struggle, the Mahdi’s war seeks to end the oppression of Muslims, redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, and establish a totalitarian theocracy that converts humanity to a puritanical form of Islam. 

Bin Laden established the global stateless empire of Al Qaeda that has waged a sixteen-year Islamic holy war against the American superpower (starting with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993).  Having first constructed his own imitative empire, Bin Laden advanced his public depiction of the Apocalypse story by covertly provoking America to portray the infamous characteristics of the Great Satan.  This Machiavellian feat involved baiting an oil-hungry president into launching the superpower’s neo-conservative crusade to dominate the Middle East.  In addition to this conspicuous implication, Al Qaeda has explicitly identified America as the prophesized “Great Satan” that is responsible for an unparalleled oppression of Muslims worldwide.  Furthermore, Bin Laden has explicitly identified himself as the “number-one foe” of the Great Satan. 

The ultimate objective of Bin Laden’s war against the superpower is to conquer the world by military force, presumably through the use of nuclear terrorism (artificial-star weapons).  Al Qaeda’s propaganda envisions that this global conquest will serve both defensive and offensive purposes.  These administrative plans for Al Qaeda’s world domination include ending the oppression of Muslims, allowing Bin Laden’s inner circle to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, and establishing a totalitarian theocracy that converts humanity to a puritanical form of Islam.
For more information on the Bush Administration’s neo-conservative strategy for American global hegemony, see:

For more information on Al Qaeda's goals of world domination, see Bin Laden's interview of June 10, 1999 available at:

2)   The Mahdi launches his global war against the "Great Satan" at the start of the third millennium, an era also marked by the return of the prophet Jesus of Nazareth (an event prophesized in both the Koran and the “Islamic gospels” known as the Hadith)**.  A widely anticipated time frame in Islamic apocalypticism, this prophetic dating is based on the Christian calendar and corresponds to a time period repeatedly identified in ancient apocalyptic mythologies***.

In a particularly meticulous imitation of the myth of the millennial Messiah, Bin Laden launched his global war against the "Great Satan" America at the very start of the third millennium.  Bin Laden preceded this event with a declaration of world war and escalating attacks on America during the eve of the millennium.  The climactic 9/11 attack in the opening year of the third millennium (following an aborted attempt in October 2000) fulfilled the most conspicuous promise of Bin Laden’s millennialist cult.  In the context of the apocalyptic overtone of Bin Laden's media campaign against America, his decision to precisely mimic this keystone detail of the mythological account is tantamount to claiming the title of Mahdi.

For more information on Bin Laden’s attempt to launch the 9/11 attack in October 2000, an “October surprise” that would have rigged America’s millennium presidential election far more effectively than his concurrent bombing of the USS COLE, see:

3)   The Mahdi distinguishes himself as Islam's greatest contemporary warlord by executing the most devastating attacks on the "Great Satan" and its cohorts, and then avoiding retaliation.

Since the millennium, every American administration (with the exception of the Bush Administration during its infamous rhetorical prelude to the Iraq invasion) has consistently identified the Al Qaeda syndicate as the superpower’s most threatening foreign adversary.  In vindication of this assertion, Bin Laden has distinguished himself as Islam’s greatest contemporary warlord by executing the most devastating attacks on the American superpower, its top allies and other leading aggressors in the Muslim world****.  Al Qaeda’s track record includes fifteen major terrorist attacks on American targets since 1993, most of which occurred since it launched history’s largest terrorist attack on 9/11.  Six years after the 9/11 attack, the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Al Qaeda concluded that Bin Laden’s global syndicate was “as strong as ever”, posed the most serious threat of nuclear terrorism, and still constituted the leading threat to American national security.  Beyond the United States, Bin Laden has waged an unprecedented global terrorist campaign targeting all of the principal aggressors in Muslim lands, from Israel, Russia, India and Britain to the U.S.-allied dictatorial regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan.  Despite having launched devastating attacks on the world's most powerful nations, Bin Laden has ostensibly avoided retaliation and his inner circle continues to direct an Al Qaeda syndicate that has only grown in power and prestige since 9/11.

4)   The Mahdi exercises his global authority as the leader of Islam by issuing religious instructions to all Muslims, who are obligated to support their Messiah as a cardinal act of faith.

Presuming to possess this unique authority reserved for the Mahdi, since 1998 Bin Laden has ordered all Muslims to join his "holy" war against America and Israel.

5)   The Mahdi wages his global holy war in a bid to liberate Islam’s holiest lands from an unparalleled subjugation by history’s most powerful military, the armed forces of the Great Satan empire.  Conflicts in the Arabian Peninsula, Greater Khorasan (a geographical region encompassing the lands of modern-day Afghanistan and Northwestern Pakistan), Palestine and Babylon (modern-day Iraq) constitute the four main battlefields of the Mahdi’s world war.

As clearly articulated in his 1996 and 1998 declaration of jihad on America, Bin Laden has framed his global war as a bid to liberate Islam’s holiest lands from an unparalleled subjugation by history’s most powerful military, the armed forces of the United States.  As first announced in these declarations and then willfully enacted by Al Qaeda, conflicts in the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan and Northwestern Pakistan, the Palestinian territories and Iraq constitute the four main battlefields of Bin Laden’s world war.

a.   The most important of the Mahdi’s multiple insurgencies against the Great Satan’s minions occurs on the Arabian Peninsula, Islam’s holiest land.  The Mahdi arrives here to save Islam by leading an insurgency against the infidel army of the Great Satan and their apostate hosts.  He successfully uses his foothold in this holy land to repel this army from the pivotal battlefield and launch devastating attacks against the Great Satan’s global empire.

The most important of Bin Laden’s multiple insurgencies against America and her allies has occurred on the Arabian Peninsula, Islam’s holiest land.  Here Bin Laden has targeted the American military presence and the pro-American Saudi monarchy, the famously profligate hosts of the non-Muslim army.  In addition to Saudi Arabia’s role as the heartland of both Islam and the world’s fossil fuel supplies, the country has served as the origin of Bin Laden’s global war against America in terms of ideology, financing and his first terrorist attacks.  Couched in the militant fundamentalist creed of the Saudi Wahhabi-Muslim sect, Bin Laden began his global jihad as a response to America’s intrusion into Islam’s holiest land when the superpower began establishing military bases for its conflict with Saddam Hussein during the 1990s.  Al Qaeda’s 1998 declaration of worldwide war against the “infidel” superpower identified the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia as the syndicate’s principle case for war.  As often observed by counterterrorism officials, the bulk of Al Qaeda’s funding has originated from this most wealthy Muslim country, where Bin Laden enjoys wild popularity for his opposition to American imperialism. 

Bin Laden’s history of terrorist attacks has emphasized the central importance of the Arabian Peninsula in his global war.  Bin Laden’s first independent jihad involved his sponsorship of a successful anti-communist movement in Yemen during the early 1990s.  Al Qaeda’s first recorded terrorist attack, a bombing of a hotel room housing U.S. servicemen in December 1992 (two months before Al Qaeda covertly bombed the World Trade Center), also happened inside Yemen.  Al Qaeda’s first overt terrorist attack, a bombing of the U.S.-training headquarters for the Saudi national guard, occurred in the Saudi capital.  Al Qaeda launched three of its first four overt terrorist attacks, including the one directly before 9/11, on the Arabian Peninsula as an explicit retaliation for the U.S. military presence there.  In reflection of the ongoing importance of this battlefield, Al Qaeda executed its first post-9/11 terrorist attack on America inside Saudi Arabia.  Both before and after 9/11, more major Al Qaeda terrorist attacks occurred on the Arabian Peninsula than in any other location.  

Bin Laden has successfully used his foothold on the Arabian Peninsula to repel the U.S. military from this pivotal battlefield.
  Following the 9/11 attack by a predominantly Saudi strike force, Al Qaeda’s pressure on the wildly unpopular U.S. military presence in Islam’s holiest land succeeded in “liberating” Saudi Arabia from this army after its decade-long basing there.  In addition to resolving forcefully the Muslim grievance over the American military basing in Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden also addressed the claim that the United States was coercing the kingdom into lowering artificially its oil prices to serve American interests when Al Qaeda artificially multiplied the price of oil by threatening supply stability (the post-9/11 “terror dividend”). 

Beyond evicting America from Islam’s holiest land and enriching Saudi coffers, Al Qaeda has launched a steady onslaught of terrorist attacks on American targets throughout the world and insurgent attacks in U.S. war zones.  As an adjunct to this campaign, Al Qaeda’s Saudi-born insurgency continues to pursue the overthrow of the U.S.-backed monarchy.  This effort currently includes a mounting civil war that is spreading from the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula in neighboring Yemen.

b.    In Greater Khorasan (a geographical region encompassing the lands of modern-day Afghanistan and Northwestern Pakistan) the Mahdi helps to establish a puritanical Muslim state that serves as a model for his future global caliphate.  From this geographical base, the Mahdi mobilizes his army under a black flag and sends soldiers to invade the many nations of the world.  Once disseminated throughout these locations, the Mahdi’s multi-branched army initiates numerous jihads under the umbrella of his overarching global jihad.  Entrenched in his stronghold within Greater Khorasan, the Mahdi directs his world war against the forces of the Great Satan as they invade his country and other Muslim lands. 

Al Qaeda was born and based in Afghanistan and Northwestern Pakistan.  In 1996 Bin Laden helped to establish the puritanical Muslim state of the Taliban in Afghanistan by bribing opposition warlords.  This Islamic emirate served as a model of his plans for a future caliphate intended to dominate the world.  From this geographical base, Bin Laden mobilized his army under a black flag and sent guerrilla soldiers to invade the nations of the world.  Once disseminated throughout these locations in over sixty countries, Al Qaeda’s syndicate has initiated numerous jihads under the umbrella of Bin Laden’s overarching jihad against America*****.  Following the eruption of his global insurgency in Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden next incited the superpower to mirror the Great Satan’s prophesized war against the Mahdi in Afghanistan by creating a war zone where Al Qaeda and its Taliban allies battle the military occupation of the American coalition.  Since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, Al Qaeda’s high command has largely relocated to an entrenched stronghold in Northwestern Pakistan where it directs Bin Laden’s world war against America and her allies.  Since 2008, Al Qaeda’s propaganda has increasingly referenced Khorasan as the central front of its jihad against America.  In 2009, Al Qaeda explicitly identified itself as the army of the Mahdi based in Khorasan.

c.    Like a modern-day Hitler, the Mahdi is identified as the foremost opponent of the Jewish people, who had founded a modern state of Israel in the era preceding his arrival.  At the time of the Mahdi’s millennial war, Jerusalem (one of Islam's most sanctified cities) is occupied by non-Muslim forces aligned with the Great Satan.  The Mahdi battles against this military occupation in Palestine in addition to attacking the Jewish people worldwide.    

Like a modern-day Hitler, Bin Laden has established his identity as the leader of the only significant group to wage war against the Jewish people worldwide.  Al Qaeda’s war has prominently featured a campaign against the international presence of the modern state of Israel, founded in the era (mid-twentieth century) preceding Bin Laden’s arrival on the world stage.  Since 1967, the entirety of Jerusalem (one of Islam’s most sanctified cities) has been occupied by the U.S.-backed Jewish state of Israel, and since the millennium, the Palestinian territories have been under siege by an Israeli military occupation.  Bin Laden’s declaration of global war on the Jewish people was most forcefully enacted by his destruction of the World Trade Center (the leading symbol of Jewish control over global finance, according to anti-Semitic dogma). 

Since 9/11, the Al Qaeda syndicate has pursued Bin Laden’s Hitler-like mission “to exterminate the Jews” with an unprecedented worldwide terrorist campaign against the Jewish people, including major attacks on Jewish targets in: Tunisia (2002 – targeting a synagogue), Kenya (2002 – targeting an Israeli airliner and Israeli tourist destinations), Casablanca (2003 – targeting Israeli tourist destinations), Istanbul (2003 – targeting a synagogue), Egypt (2004 – targeting Israeli tourist destinations), Egypt (2005 – targeting a popular Israeli tourist destination and site of historic Israeli peace summits), Jordan (2005 – targeting a popular Israeli tourist destination) and Mumbai (2008 – targeting a Jewish community center).  On the 2009 anniversary of the 9/11 attack, Al Qaeda began its first overt attacks on the Israeli homeland with rocket attacks launched from neighboring Lebanon.  Bin Laden’s syndicate has promised to increase these assaults in a bid to destroy the Jewish state.

d.    During the Mahdi’s global jihad, Baghdad (one of Islam's most sanctified cities) is occupied by the non-Muslim armies of the Great Satan.  The Mahdi battles against the military occupation here, which involves a brutal war in Babylon (modern-day Iraq).  In the midst of this war, the Mahdi receives a public pledge of allegiance from the Iraqi insurgents battling the Great Satan.

During Bin Laden’s global jihad, Baghdad was invaded and occupied by the non-Muslim American coalition.  Bin Laden’s syndicate has battled against the military occupation here, which involves a brutal war in Iraq.  Al Qaeda willfully created this prerequisite battlefield in Iraq following a ten-year terrorist campaign to provoke the U.S. invasion.  After the Bush Administration’s occupation of Iraq began predictably in response to the 9/11 attack, the Al Qaeda agent Zarqawi usurped leadership of the new anti-U.S. insurgency there and publicly pledged its allegiance to Osama bin Laden in October 2004.  Having hijacked this popular front for battling the American military, the Al Qaeda high command has directed this war in Iraq ever since. 

For more information on Al Qaeda’s plot to provoke the U.S. invasion of Iraq, see “Bin Laden’s Plan: The Project for the New Al Qaeda Century” by David Malone, chapters 1-2 and 5.

6)   The Mahdi's biographical profile closely resembles that of the Prophet Mohammed.

a.    Bearing his father's name Mohammed, the Mahdi is born and raised in Saudi Arabia.  Distinguished as an extremely wealthy, generous and pious leader of holy war, he is forced into exile by the country's infidel rulers to hide in caves and plot their defeat.

Bin Laden’s full name (Osama bin Mohammed bin Laden) bears the name of his father, Mohammed bin Laden.  Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden became enchanted with his father’s preoccupation over the awaited arrival of the prophesized Mahdi.  Falling in with apocalyptic discussion groups, Bin Laden appears to have seized upon a few superficial similarities between himself and the Mahdi in order to seek his family’s acceptance of the black sheep (Osama was seen as the outsider among his siblings, known as “the son of the slave”) and satisfy his own megalomania.  In apparent pursuit of this Messiah pretension, Osama cultivated his reputation as an extremely wealthy, generous and pious leader of jihad against the Cold War superpowers.  After his success in helping administer the mujahedeen death blow to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Osama’s anti-American propaganda against the 1991 U.S.-Iraq War prompted the shamefully wealthy, pro-American Saudi monarchy to force him into exile from the kingdom.  Eventually returning to the fortress caves he had constructed in Afghanistan, he has since conspired to defeat the American superpower and the Saudi monarchy. 

b.    At age 40, the Mahdi proclaims his revolutionary awakening by declaring a jihad that seeks the total surrender of humanity to his fundamentalist vision of God’s will.

At age 40, Bin Laden chose to emerge from relative obscurity in order to proclaim his cult’s revolutionary awakening by declaring a global jihad against the American superpower.  This 1998 declaration of war on Americans and Jewish people marked Al Qaeda's defining gospel, which seeks not only a cessation of Western aggression in the Muslim world, but also the total surrender of humanity to Al Qaeda’s fundamentalist vision of God’s will.

c.    The Mahdi demonstrates prophetic abilities in his leadership of holy war against Islam's enemies.

Bin Laden appears to have demonstrated prophetic abilities in his leadership of holy war against Islam's enemies by predicting (1) the collapse of the Soviet Union precipitated by its defeat in Afghanistan, (2) the prolonged American military presence in Saudi Arabia after the 1991 Gulf War, (3) the American military withdrawal from Saudi Arabia following the 9/11 attack, (4) the American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, (5) the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, (6) the American bombing campaign in Northwestern Pakistan.  Notably, these “prophetic” successes appear to have resulted not from divine inspiration but from a combination of geopolitical acumen and his willful provocation of American aggression in the Muslim world. 

As an historical precedent for such a false prophet, the model of Adolf Hitler illuminates this discussion.  Hitler promised the Jewish Holocaust in Europe if a world war was ignited from the conflict he himself precipitated in 1939.  He then willfully started this world war and pursued his preexisting designs for Jewish genocide.  In a fitting tribute to such a megalomaniac, Hitler went on to lose the war, fail to kill all of Europe’s Jewish people, blame his German subjects for his failures, predict that Germany would be punished with total annihilation, and then vindictively attempt to destroy the remnants of his own war-battered nation with his infamous “Nero Order” of 1945.  Like false prophets before and since, Hitler ultimately failed.

d.    The Mahdi displays the quiet-spoken, humble yet intrepid demeanor of a holy man.

Bin Laden is renown for his quiet-spoken and humble public demeanor.  Additionally, Bin Laden has achieved unrivaled fame for his fearlessness in confronting the superpower and all the major world powers maligned as the great oppressors of the Muslim people.  While Al Qaeda has successfully projected this image in his media releases, some private accounts of Bin Laden’s behavior suggest this portrayal to be a façade manufactured by a depraved Saudi prince masquerading as the savior of humanity.

Even more overtly than this pattern of meticulous imitation, Bin Laden has explicitly laid claim to being the Mahdi.  A particular videotape of Bin Laden has been the focus of attention in intelligence circles, in which Bin Laden stands before a dry-erase board that has written on it the name "Mahdi ".  Bin Laden has encouraged this belief about him among his followers, who have furthered vocalized his claim.  Al Qaeda detainees in the Guatanamo Bay detention facility have told interrogators they joined Bin Laden's jihad because they believe he is the Mahdi, and American military intelligence has revealed that some of the Al Qaeda operatives infiltrating Iraq from abroad are doing so because of their belief in Islamic prophecy.  The fact that the Taliban government of Afghanistan sacrificed itself to protect a man who had intentionally provoked an American invasion of their country suggests that the Taliban rulers share this ultimate reverence for Bin Laden's stature.  In the clearest admission of Bin Laden's apocalyptic intentions, in September 2009 Al Qaeda's high command released a video explicitly identifying itself as the army of the Mahdi.


The growing belief in the Muslim world that Bin Laden is the Mahdi, despite the total absence of this “main character” in the Koranic account of the Apocalypse, reflects Al Qaeda’s amazing success at implementing its apocalyptic designs.  By hijacking the radical Islamic revolution at the anointed time and presenting himself as the prophesized destroyer of the "Great Satan" America, Bin Laden has fashioned his public persona to mirror the holy warlord figure of the millennial Mahdi.  Al Qaeda’s cult leader completed the casting of his apocalyptic drama by covertly provoking a president blinded by imperial ambition (the pursuit of Iraqi oil) into portraying America as a belligerent Great Satan empire.  The convincing depiction of the protagonist and antagonist of the Islamic Apocalypse myth represents Al Qaeda’s greatest triumph to date.

Fortunately, humanity still has a window of opportunity to abort Bin Laden’s prophetic enactment before its climactic conclusion.  Successful campaigns to counteract previous Mahdist movements, like that in the 1880s Sudan and 1979 Saudi Arabia, demonstrate that only a concerted ideological effort to debunk Bin Laden's claim to this righteous title can foil his plan.  The exposure of Bin Laden’s Machiavellian machinations suggests one such strategy for ruining Al Qaeda's carefully orchestrated media campaign: public disclosure that the righteous appearance of Bin Laden's revolutionary movement in reality serves to disguise the true motive for his world war, Messiah pretension and its prerequisite nuclear holocaust.  Humanity must see that the 9/11 War is in reality an exhibition to the most abominably sinister act of vanity in recorded history. 

This promising strategy for nonviolently ending the Al Qaeda insurgency, its apocalyptic movement and its global war involves utilizing persuasive evidence to foster a watershed awakening to the simple belief that the Al Qaeda movement is directed by a deviant millennialist death cult.  Our duty lies not in catalyzing Bin Laden’s insurgency with military reprisals, but in persuading the world community that Bin Laden wants America to slaughter Muslims and ignite a global nuclear war.  We cannot destroy Bin Laden’s ideological power base with sophisticated bombs, nor with verses from the Koran, but with a thesis proving that he seeks to mirror apocalyptic mythology by inciting a conflict that kills two-thirds of humanity, over four billion people. 

On the day of 9/11, the world witnessed convincing evidence that Al Qaeda is an unrivaled danger to humanity in the nuclear age, like an incoming Earth-busting meteor.  Within twenty-four hours, the vast majority of Muslims and non-Muslims rallied behind America to confront the Bin Laden threat.  This U.S.-led alliance formed despite the failures of Bush and preceding American administrations to inspire pro-U.S. sentiment.  As we now consider the feasibility of persuading the Muslim world to dismantle the Al Qaeda syndicate for their own sake, let us not forget one fact: inspiration for ending Bin Laden’s war today begins with the memory of this miraculous emergence of enthusiastic worldwide support for America that occurred on the war’s first day.

For a detailed description of this ideological strategy to destroy Al Qaeda, see: "Information Operation"


* The Christian Book of Revelation, a text venerated text among Muslim apocalypticists, describes the Apocalypse War as an unprecedented global conflict involving fiery destruction caused by stars that fall from the sky (Revelation 9:11-9:19, see also 12:4, 13:13).

**  The second coming of Jesus of Nazareth is a prophesized event foretold both in the Christian Book of Revelation and Islam’s holy book, the Koran.

The arrival of the Mahdi, on the other hand, is not mentioned in the Koran.  The myth of the Muslim Messiah of the Apocalypse originates in the Hadith, the recorded traditions of the Prophet Mohammed (roughly analogous to the Christian Gospels) written hundreds of years after the Koran.  Contrary to the Koranic story of the Apocalypse, the Mahdi is depicted in these later Islamic scriptures as the main character of the prophesized war.  Conveniently placing an Islamic messiah in the lead role of humanity’s greatest drama, the Hadith describe a righteous figure who will dominate the world with the help of his “subordinate” messiah, the reincarnated Jesus.  However, this benevolent characterization of the Muslim Messiah is contradicted by the Mahdi’s identity as a holocaustic, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian warlord who leads the Apocalypse War during its final seven years.  Interestingly, this persona closely resembles the Antichrist of Christian Apocalypse mythology (identified as the Destroyer of Revelation 9:11 and the “666” Beast of Revelation 13:18) who battles the reborn Jesus.

*** For an overview of the major apocalyptic traditions from ancient cultures that prophesize the Apocalypse War to occur at the start of the third millennium, see: "AQs_Millennialist_Knowledgebase"
The History Channel's documentary “Doomsday 2012” available via

****  For a comprehensive listing of Al Qaeda’s attacks, see: "The Size of Al Qaeda"

*****  For a comprehensive listing of Al Qaeda’s insurgencies, see: "The Size of Al Qaeda"


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2013, 280 pages