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History demonstrates that to be effective, a counterinsurgency strategy must be based not on military reprisals, nor on surveillance assets, nor even on nation-building.  Rather, these measures can only complement a successful counterinsurgency’s indispensable foundation: an ideological campaign designed to discredit the insurgency’s leadership and silence its rallying call.  Osama bin Laden’s own conspicuous fixation on assigning war blame to America has indicated that he views the struggle for “hearts and minds” as the central conflict of his global insurgency.  Similarly, the 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Al Qaeda classified the syndicate “as strong as ever” largely because the superpower had vindicated Bin Laden’s indictment of the superpower for imperial belligerence by expanding the 9/11 War to Iraq.  A successful 9/11 counterattack will materialize not by magnifying Al Qaeda’s casus belli but by refuting it. represents a public awareness campaign proposing a nonviolent strategy to end the 9/11 War: the revelation of Bin Laden’s plan to imitate apocalyptic prophecy by killing four billion people.  A simple chain of evidence proves that Al Qaeda’s cult leader is guilty of enacting this unprecedented criminal conspiracy.

Messiah pretender + World-war provocateur + Crusader baiter = The real Bin Laden

By reformulating the 9/11 War’s narrative to depict its provocateur as a modern-day Hitler, our ideological wonder-weapon can irreparably damage the terror kingpin’s reputation.  Irrefutable proof presented by the thesis of confirms that Bin Laden is nothing more than a depraved, megalomaniacal Saudi prince who willfully incited America to slaughter Muslims so that he can impersonate the awaited nemesis of the “Great Satan”.  After years of the Bush Administration’s reliance on Koranic interpretations and claims that America is not an oil-hungry empire, the long-sought key to destroying Bin Laden’s ideological base can be discovered in the art of recasting the death-cult leader as a holocaustic madman.   

Along with the rest of the world community, many Al Qaeda supporters can then witness Bin Laden being caught red-handed committing the MOST unforgivable crime.  Stripped of its ideological appeal, his apocalyptic cult would be unable to sustain its masquerade as a righteous insurgency battling to liberate the Muslim world.  The once errant behavior of pro-Al Qaeda populations would transform, based on a new belief that the high command is attempting to provoke their slaughter.  Local militias more familiar with the conditions in these regions would be strongly motivated to replace Americans as the spearhead hunting down unrepentant Al Qaeda operatives.  At that point, Bin Laden's terrorist network would face the dissolution of its safe havens, recruits and funding, ultimately succumbing to dismantlement from within.  Crippled and confronting mass mutiny, the Al Qaeda syndicate would then face total collapse within three years at the hands of a unified coalition of Westerners and Muslims.

Throughout World War II, America's ability to end the war quickly hinged on a watershed event, the cracking of an enigmatic code.  The moment that the Allied code-breakers broke the “Enigma” encryption for Nazi communications, the fall of the Third Reich became inevitable.  Similarly, the moment that the Los Alamos scientists unlocked the atom’s power at the Trinity test site, the Japanese Empire was defeated, even though most people had yet to realize this fact.  Sixty years later, America has again awaited the cracking of a puzzling code, the ideological key to refuting irrevocably Al Qaeda's case for war.  Here at we have made this momentous discovery that will end the 9/11 War.  The moment that our information operation spreads across the web, Al Qaeda is defeated.  We need now only promote global realization of this fact.






Since the millennium, every American administration has identified the Al Qaeda syndicate as the superpower’s most menacing foreign adversary.  In 2007, six years after the 9/11 attack, the world’s premier counterterrorism authorities observed that Osama bin Laden’s multi-faceted network was “as strong as ever”.  Today, eight years into an existential battle against Al Qaeda’s mounting global insurgency, the U.S. counterterrorism community has issued a desperate appeal for assistance.  Reflecting on this national crisis, scholars have observed the historical maxim that success in counterinsurgency warfare begins with valuable intelligence about the insurgency’s leadership.  In particular, America’s defenders need a thesis about Bin Laden’s intentions that can terminate the Al Qaeda threat by disarming the terrorist syndicate on this war’s main battlefield, the ideological front. 

Responding to Uncle Sam’s plea for a verbal wonder-weapon, the public awareness campaign at proposes the following “silver-bullet” intelligence coup to resolve the 9/11 War.  Our innovative theory includes a trends analysis that has demonstrated the veracity of its underlying insights into Al Qaeda's strategy by accurately anticipating such plots as 9/11 and the Mumbai Massacre.  Amidst a war that seriously threatens to kill billions of people, our nonviolent enterprise provides a feasible blueprint for how to discredit Al Qaeda’s global insurgency and dismantle Osama bin Laden’s syndicate within three years. 


The only viable approach to ending Bin Laden’s war involves an information campaign designed to destroy his ideological appeal and turn most Al Qaeda supporters against the insurgent movement.  The public awareness initiative at aspires to convince the world community that Al Qaeda is an apocalyptic cult and Bin Laden's true intention is to mirror apocalyptic prophecy through his covert orchestration of a war that will kill four billion people.  Ultimately, we aim to inspire Al Qaeda’s own operatives to abandon their allegiance to the cult leadership, disassemble Bin Laden’s syndicate and eliminate this impetus for U.S. military occupations in the Muslim world. 

We begin recounting our fresh narrative of the 9/11 War with an examination of how Al Qaeda has willfully attempted to imitate Islamic millennialist prophecy and depict Bin Laden as the Mahdi, the awaited Sunni-Muslim Messiah of the Apocalypse.  An Islamic warlord slated to begin a world war against a "Great Satan" empire in 2001, the year of 9/11, the mythological Mahdi focuses his jihad on the same four battlefields that currently constitute the main fronts of the 9/11 War, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Northwestern Pakistan, as well as the Islamic holy lands of the Arabian Peninsula and Palestine.  Contrary to Bin Laden’s ultimatum calling for the removal of the U.S. and Israeli military presence in the Muslim world, his actions have actually magnified and even spawned this presence on these four prophesized battlefields of the Muslim Messiah’s war.  In addition to satisfying the cult leader’s colossal vanity, Bin Laden’s prospective seizure of the ultimate religious authority ascribed to the Mahdi perhaps represents Al Qaeda’s lone potential for a war-clinching public relations victory that could facilitate its world domination by nuclear terrorism. 

Is it possible that Al Qaeda's insurgent political demands and calls for Islamic revivalism are merely the theatre of an apocalyptic cult play-acting the role of the awaited righteous savior?  Is Al Qaeda willfully cultivating the image of America as the “Great Satan” empire by goading the superpower into killing hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians at the particular time and in the specific locations indicated by apocalyptic prophecy?  Our nonprofit campaign at provides a 14-page summary of the unpublished book Bin Laden’s Goal:  Messiah Pretension (to be offered free of charge as an e-book after final revisions are completed).

We continue this damning exposure of Osama bin Laden’s plan with an examination of an historical anomaly involving the three most influential Messiah pretenders of all time, a mysterious trend that can be termed “the world-war provocateur phenomenon".  What precedent for Bin Laden’s quest to conquer humanity do we see in the careers of Napoleon and Hitler, the only other two individuals to have each provoked a world war?  Does an anomalous similarity between the warpaths of these three individuals irrevocably connect Bin Laden to the most despised man in world history?  Our nonprofit campaign at offers the unpublished book Bin Laden’s Precedent:  The World-War Provocateur Phenomenon free of charge as an e-book. Provocateur.html

Having reviewed the mythological and historical precedents for Bin Laden’s plan, we then proceed to a geopolitical examination of his war strategy.  In the published book Bin Laden’s Plan: The Project for the New Al Qaeda Century (published in 2005 by Trafford Publishing, 201 pages) we investigate compelling evidence of Al Qaeda's crusader-baiting strategy, an attempt to provoke America into portraying a belligerent “Great Satan” empire bent on subjugating the Muslim world by military force.  Instead of employing terrorism against the superpower for the purpose of intimidation, as the group’s propaganda ostensibly claims, Al Qaeda uses “judo terrorism” to incite an earth-shaking overreaction that actually defeats the United States itself.  This Machiavellian scheme aims to enhance Al Qaeda’s reputation as the righteous opponent of American imperialism while depleting the superpower’s ideological, financial and military resources.  All this will come at the expense of the innocent Muslim populations caught in the crossfire of the 9/11 War.

Our exploration into this crusader-baiting strategy begins with a probe of the 9/11 attack in the context of Bin Laden’s decade-long plot to provoke the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  We continue our analysis of Bin Laden’s “blame game” by observing that his post-9/11 strategy has endeavored to convince the world community that American belligerency is the primary cause of the war.  This duplicitous rhetorical feat has been complemented by a terrorist campaign, including the suspension of attacks on the vulnerable U.S. homeland, designed to depict America as the unprovoked aggressor and Al Qaeda as the defensive vanguard opposing U.S. imperialism in the Muslim world.  Today, a crucial element of Bin Laden’s villainous enterprise involves Al Qaeda's ongoing attempts to provoke a U.S. invasion of Pakistan and Yemen, along with a U.S.-backed Israeli invasion of Iran. 

Could the revelation of Bin Laden’s nefarious plan to prompt the slaughter of millions of Muslims deprive his syndicate of the ideological support necessary to complete his plan?  Our nonprofit campaign at offers the published book Bin Laden’s Plan free of charge as an e-book. Book.html

Perhaps the most important pillar of Al Qaeda’s strategy since the millennium, detailed in the published book Bin Laden’s Plan, has involved the syndicate’s consistent attempts to hijack the American democratic process with “October Surprise” psychological operations designed to rig U.S. national elections in favor of military hawks.  In the elections of 2000-2004, spikes in Al Qaeda’s terrorism in the final deciding weeks of the closely contested political campaigns successfully shocked a crucial fraction of American voters into electing candidates who championed a powerfully offensive military posture in the Muslim world.  By goading the superpower into an anticipated display of American indomitability, this election-eve terrorism enhanced Al Qaeda’s ability to lure U.S. leaders into its crusader-baiting trap.  In particular, the installation of an impulsive, even “trigger-happy” U.S. president figured centrally in Bin Laden’s plot for inciting America to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

How will Al Qaeda’s global insurgency fare without a lightning rod for anti-American sentiment in the White House?  Will the syndicate desperately redouble its efforts at election-eve terrorism after its failures in the 2006 and 2008 U.S. national elections?  Could the public disclosure of Bin Laden’s psychological operations to manipulate U.S. voters prevent Al Qaeda from rigging future elections in favor of war hawks?  In addition to the published book Bin Laden’s Plan, our nonprofit campaign at offers an updated 5-page overview of Al Qaeda’s October Surprise strategy. October_Surprises.html

On July 9, 2008, Al Qaeda began its latest campaign to sway a U.S. presidential election in favor of a war hawk by launching the syndicate’s first major terrorist attack on an American target (the U.S. consulate at Istanbul, Turkey) in nearly three years.  Minutes before Al Qaeda’s commando raid against the U.S. consulate, David Malone, director of, conducted a guerrilla press conference on national headline news from the New York Times headquarters in which he warned of Al Qaeda’s October-Surprise strategy.  Mindful of the July 2004 attack on the U.S. embassy in Uzbekistan (Al Qaeda’s first post-9/11 terrorist attack on an official U.S. target) that began the syndicate’s October-Surprise campaign to reelect President Bush, Malone publicized the trends analysis of that had accurately anticipated both the 9/11 attack and Al Qaeda’s October Surprise of 2004 and now forecasted another bid to rig a U.S. presidential election.  Symbolically located on the fire escape for the New York Times skyscraper, Malone predicted the imminent inception of a plot by Al Qaeda to sabotage Barack Obama's presidential election through a bold new terrorist campaign set to culminate in the seven weeks before the November 4th vote with a 9/11-sequel targeting Americans abroad.  Malone specifically anticipated that this climactic attack would occur within the country of a U.S. ally, possibly in one of the geopolitical hotspots of the Muslim world.  The expected precursor campaign of major terrorist attacks against U.S. targets began imminently as predicted in Turkey minutes later, and then escalated on the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and nuclear-armed Pakistan during the seven weeks before the vote, marking the greatest surge of Al Qaeda’s post-9/11 terrorist attacks on America. 

As a climax to its 2008 surge, Al Qaeda’s infamous 313 Brigade launched the delayed Mumbai Massacre in U.S.-allied India, the most spectacular terrorist attack since 9/11.  Originally scheduled for September 27th, 2008, during the anticipated time frame for Al Qaeda’s election-rigging plot, this gambit executed by Al Qaeda’s leading Pakistani-based affiliate was designed to target neighboring nuclear-archrival India with the largest terrorist attack in world history.  Aiming to demolish twin towers and kill 5,000 civilians in a 9/11 against Americans residing at world-famous hotels inside India’s “New York City”, this plot was intended both to influence American politics and destabilize the world’s most precarious nuclear stand-off.  If the reckless scheme had fully succeeded, Al Qaeda would have recast the imminent 2008 election as a referendum on candidate John McCain’s most popular polling issues, national security and terrorism.  Prompted to react aggressively in the voting booth, Americans might have continued the failed Bush war policy in the personage of a hawkish successor.  U.S. leadership would then have been ideally suited for Al Qaeda to lure the superpower further into a military quagmire throughout the Muslim world, fulfilling the central objective of the group’s strategy for the 9/11 War.

Issuing an advanced national alert containing actionable intelligence about this election plot was the main motivation for Malone’s decision to conduct the press conference and display our campaign’s original cover banner on the New York Times fire escape.  Following the Mumbai Massacre, Malone composed a one-page Op-Ed (along with an additional three pages of analysis) on Al Qaeda’s 2008 election plot. s 2008_Election_Plot.html

The disclosure of Al Qaeda’s nefarious scheme to provoke American belligerency on the eve of the 2008 presidential election presents a unique opportunity for persuasively demonstrating to the world that Bin Laden’s inner circle is an apocalyptic cult masquerading as the vanguard of a righteous insurgency.  The Mumbai Massacre displays very clear evidence of Bin Laden’s plan to kill four billion people.  The extensively documented plot to rig the election in favor of an American war hawk brightly illuminates Al Qaeda’s war strategy of crusader-baiting in the nuclear age.  Pursuing a vain ambition to depict himself as the awaited paragon of humanity, Bin Laden has tried to trick America into sabotaging its reputation with outrageous military escapades in the Middle East designed to ignite a nuclear war.  Once again in Mumbai, as in New York and Washington, D.C., Al Qaeda’s Machiavellian methods have aimed to cultivate gradually the perception of America as the Muslim Messiah’s enemy, the belligerent “Great Satan” empire. 

Divulging Bin Laden’s True Identity

Bin Laden’s implicit claim that he is the Muslim Messiah exists as one of history’s greatest hypocrisies.  Rather than engineering humanity’s salvation, this modern-day Hitler has secretly aspired to simulate apocalyptic mythology by destroying two-thirds of humanity in a nuclear war.  His duplicitous, megalomaniacal ambition aims to achieve ultimate fame as the awaited paragon of humanity, while providing Al Qaeda with an ideological base for sustainable world domination by nuclear terrorism.  Goading America into slaughtering hundreds of millions of Muslims in a nuclear war figures centrally in this strategy concocted by Al Qaeda’s high command.  Bin Laden set his plot in motion on 9/11 when he willfully provoked the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, a machination that he coupled with an October-Surprise strategy to support the presidential elections of American war hawks who would best advance this strategy. 

Our campaign at presents a perfectly feasible enterprise for winning the war founded on a treasure trove of intelligence indicating that Bin Laden is (1) a Messiah pretender, (2) Hitler’s successor as a world-war provocateur, and (3) a crusader-baiter.  Armed with this information, the U.S.-led alliance against Al Qaeda can now launch an international initiative that employs the many facets of the global media to destroy the insurgency.  Once we have effectively exposed Bin Laden's plan to ignite the Apocalypse War, the illusion sustaining Al Qaeda’s ideological appeal will be shattered.  We can even imagine a plausible global response that assigns blame to Al Qaeda for both the excesses of the Bush Administration and Bin Laden’s overarching bid to ignite a global nuclear war.  Most people will cease supporting Al Qaeda if they understand that Bin Laden is not an altruistic holy warrior trying to protect Islam by battling American imperialism in the Muslim world, but rather a wicked madman attempting to prod America into killing the majority of the world’s Muslim population.  Having undeniably placed responsibility for the 9/11 War on its chief provocateur and established this self-serving warmonger as the greatest threat to Islam, former Al Qaeda supporters would freely turn and dismantle the network.  Particularly in the jihadist heartlands of Afghanistan and Pakistan, local militias desperate to prevent Bin Laden’s apocalyptic cult from provoking their slaughter would marshal all of their energies to hunt down any trace of the syndicate in the region.  Deprived of recruits, funding, safe havens and strategic cohesion, and aggressively pursued like Nazis hiding in post-WWII Europe, Al Qaeda’s terrorist network would cease to exist.  The war that has inflated the Al Qaeda insurgency can end now. 

In a bid to recreate the global coalition against Al Qaeda that existed on the day of 9/11, here at we have engineered an ideological counterattack, a wonder-weapon of words to be deployed on the main battlefield of Bin Laden’s war.  We aim to provide evidence that once again convinces the world community that Bin Laden’s death cult poses an immediate, unprecedented danger to civilization.  Targeting Al Qaeda’s “Achilles heel”, ideological appeal, our thesis persuasively characterizes Al Qaeda’s cult leader as a neo-Hitler, a genocidal world-war provocateur, that most wicked breed of Messiah pretender whom all sane individuals are compelled to oppose, as we did at the war’s outset. 


In addition to this unique silver-bullet strategy to destroy Al Qaeda’s ideological appeal, the public awareness campaign at advocates peacefully resolving the 9/11 War by restoring America’s reputation as a popular superpower.  Counterterrorism experts widely agree that America’s negative reputation as an imperial superpower has served as the lightning rod for Bin Laden’s popularity.  Unless the United States is highly esteemed by the world community, any enterprise to destroy Al Qaeda’s anti-American insurgency will lack a stable foundation. 

A promising launchpad for restoring America’s popular appeal has been created by President Obama’s efforts to eliminate the key global grievances against the Bush Administration, including America’s belligerent posture towards the Muslim world and the superpower’s broad rejection of international treaties.  Obama’s diplomatic outreach can continue with formal recognition of the Al Qaeda threat by the world community through a 9/11 Awareness Day (similar to Earth Day), a day on which we observe that (1) Al Qaeda is an apocalyptic cult that intentionally provoked the 9/11 War in order to prompt the slaughter of four billion people, and (2) Al Qaeda’s October Surprises and 9/11 plot in particular constituted a willful plot to help elect the Bush presidency.  Based on this indoctrination of the world community into a new narrative for the 9/11 War, particularly the symbolic nullification of the results of the U.S. national elections in 2000, 2002 and 2004 that Al Qaeda successfully rigged, America could remove Al Qaeda's main casus belli with an official absolution of U.S. voters for complicity in Bush’s transgressions.  Capturing the essence of this proposed 9/11 Awareness Day, the original cover banner of, displayed from the New York Times headquarters on July 9, 2008, graphically illustrates Al Qaeda’s guilt for the military campaigns of the Bush Administration.

Importantly, this proposed absolution would observe that the American people were deceived by the Bush Administration about the nature and direction of the 9/11 War, especially the Iraq invasion.  This international observance could continue with a praise of thanks that, when allowed to vote free of a successful Al Qaeda intervention (in the 2006 and 2008 U.S. national elections), Americans rejected the Bush doctrine and empowered the opposition party.  Finally, this new global holiday could disassociate America from Bush’s military aggression by including a solemn vow to not allow Bin Laden’s apocalyptic cult to goad the Western powers into invading the Muslim world.  In fulfillment of this promise, the United States could replace its military occupations in the Muslim world with United Nations-based peacekeeping forces consisting purely of Muslims trained in counterinsurgency warfare.  This force would complement local militias in their bid to eradicate the Al Qaeda operatives among them before the death cult instigates the wholesale slaughter of the region’s population.  On this foundation, Afghanistan and Iraq could begin the process of nation building without the destabilizing presence of an anti-American insurgency.

Having rejected the continuation of the Bush doctrine in 2008, America can further distance its reputation from the lingering global animosity toward the Bush Administration with a technocratic solution to the Al Qaeda threat:  an international good-will initiative to resolve the global energy crisis.  This Manhattan Project sequel would aim to replace fossil fuels with:

  1. Quickly produced domestic alternatives for combustion engines, such as “algae gas” or “french-fry gas”,

  2. Cheaper, more abundant localized sources of renewable alternative energy, and

  3. Newly developed “super” energy technologies, analogous to cold fusion.

Just as the discovery of fossil fuels, fissile nuclear energy and, more recently, the invention of the Internet generated major economic booms, so another energy revolution could succeed.  Because it would amplify a keystone resource that sustains much of human activity, a treasure trove of energy wealth would filter through all markets and multiply the available wealth from other resources, such as food and water.  An influx of cheap, virtually inexhaustible energy would have the potential to raise the global standard of living via the creation of new resource wealth, helping to elevate from squalor the half of humanity that lives below the poverty level. 

Most fundamentally, this technological initiative might seek to advance this vision of the human prospect:

The vision of a global society in which all of the basic human needs and an equitable share of life’s amenities are met by every individual in successive generations, while maintaining a healthy, physically attractive, and biologically productive environment.  Such a human experience would foster a sustainable, equitable, and peaceful society.  Success in pursuit of this vision requires a searching examination, articulation, and implementation of human values, attitudes, and behavior.

 America’s commitment to such a peaceful and sustainable civilization might best be displayed through the adoption of an international accord like the Earth Charter that champions nonviolence, political freedom, economic justice and sustainable development.

A prominent U.S. role in building such an attractive future could counteract the lasting effect of the Bush presidency on America’s reputation.  The energy revolution would propel global society down this path by producing a cascade of benefits, such as:

  1. Eliminating the core economic motivation (oil) for U.S. military occupations in the Muslim world,

  2. Revitalizing the global economy with an injection of new resource wealth, one that ensures the transition from fossil fuels is economic boon,

  3. Diminishing all resource conflicts and economic inequity by proliferating wealth in an open, sustainable manner, which in turn would facilitate peaceful  resolution to key Islamist conflicts in the Palestinian Territories, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iraq,

  4. Mitigating man-made global warming, the leading cause of anti-American sentiment outside of the Muslim world, and

  5. Portraying America as humanity’s savior. 

Perhaps most importantly, the strengthening of America’s soft power would increase the effectiveness of its alliance at destroying the Al Qaeda insurgency.  By removing the widespread perception of the United States as a belligerent empire, this energy revolution and complimentary diplomatic outreach efforts could remove the core ideological underpinning for Al Qaeda’s insurgency against America. 

In order to ensure the necessary domestic leadership to fulfill these measures, the United States must implement dramatic governmental reform focused on curbing the political influence of the Bush Administration’s lingering neo-conservative drivers, including Big Oil, defense contractors and the religious extremism of Evangelical Christian and Israeli sects.  President Obama no doubt would face strong domestic opposition confronting Big Oil and labeling his predecessor officially as Bin Laden’s political puppet.  However, as evinced by President Lincoln, there are times in American history when unacceptable crimes have to be acknowledged and resolved in order to save the nation.  If Bin Laden is confronted with a crippling ideological counterattack couched in a revitalization of America’s image and the global economy, Al Qaeda’s global insurgency and high command would collapse as disenchanted supporters would help to eliminate the safe havens, funding and recruitment that have sustained Bin Laden’s movement.

The death-blow to Al Qaeda that will come from exposing Bin Laden’s apocalyptic plan and visibly terminating American imperialism can allow humanity to end peacefully the conflict ignited by history’s third world-war provocateur.  As if we were facing an incoming planet-busting meteor, the world community is obligated to dismiss lingering animosities and nationalistic interests.  We must make any necessary transition in our way of life in order to thwart the apocalyptic disaster promised by Al Qaeda.  Once we are free of the Bin Laden threat and enriched with the fruits of an energy revolution, the human prospect for a sustainable civilization will finally be in reach.


The informational campaign at equips the United States with both offensive and defensive wonder weapons to combat Al Qaeda.  In concert with our silver-bullet strategy to destroy Al Qaeda ideologically, a formula explaining Osama bin Laden’s strategic logic empowers America to detect reliably the syndicate’s major attacks in advance.  Anticipating the times and locations of strikes orchestrated by the juggernaut of international terrorism, our well-proven trends analysis reveals actionable intelligence to deter those future plots against America that are authorized by Bin Laden’s inner circle.  Extrapolating from Al Qaeda’s past attacks and current situation, this examination of terrorism patterns discerns the way the leadership will proceed towards its central objective, that of an apocalyptic cult’s Armageddon.  Representing the latest and most influential example of Islamic Messiah pretension, the 9/11 War is designed to mirror millennialist prophecy on the Apocalypse War between the “Great Satan” empire and the awaited Muslim Messiah.  Projecting from the likely continuation of this strategy and Al Qaeda’s high command, our multi-faceted war analysis can prove as reliable as some meteorological forecasts.  American intelligence can employ our predictive formula to create a defensive shield for the United States that enhances the security derived from existing counterterrorism measures.  By helping to concentrate America's limited resources on less than a dozen potential targets during narrow time frames, this innovative counterterrorism tool can help to deploy cost-feasible security measures that block or otherwise defuse most major Al Qaeda operations targeting the United States. 

In July of 2008, campaign director David Malone demonstrated on national headline news the validity of our trends analysis during a press conference.  Claiming to have predicted the 9/11 attack, Malone then revealed actionable intelligence about Al Qaeda’s plot for the most spectacular terrorist catastrophes since the fateful year of 2001.  Malone’s warning was precisely validated in the following months by the syndicate’s execution of “Pakistan’s 9/11” and “India’s 9/11”, two conspiracies to target Americans in top cities of the Muslim world that were both originally scheduled to occur during the weeks before the 2008 U.S. presidential election.  As the American homeland now faces the first serious prospect of the next 9/11, the terrorism-patterns model from can provide U.S. intelligence agencies the critical information necessary to foil the plot. 

Our analysis anticipates that Al Qaeda will soon try to launch the most provocative post-9/11 attacks on America in order to (1) coincide with key time frames identified by ancient apocalyptic literature, and (2) rig U.S. national elections in favor of war hawks.  Through these plots Al Qaeda will pursue the broader objectives of vivifying apocalyptic mythology, portraying itself as a righteous anti-imperialist insurgency, and provoking an intensification of U.S. military aggression within the Muslim world, particularly inside Pakistan, Yemen and Iran.  Opening a preliminary front for this terrorist campaign in late 2009, the syndicate deceptively unleashed its first post-9/11 attacks inside America with a whimper of small-scale strikes.  Having maneuvered American intelligence into a defensive misfooting, Al Qaeda will aim to culminate this treacherous new campaign by abandoning the minor acts of terrorism in favor of a 9/11-scale catastrophe during the days before December 21, 2012 or some future prophesied time frame.  Targeting U.S. financial capital of New York City, Al Qaeda's high command will execute the climactic operation using members from its Yemen branch.  This scheme may involve a high-altitude radiological bombing. 

A fundamental objective of our campaign at is to foster public awareness about Al Qaeda’s future terrorist plots, particularly its psychological operations to rig U.S. presidential elections.  Our efforts involve disseminating actionable intelligence that can deter these major attacks, in part by informing the American electorate of this ongoing attempt at voter manipulation.  Through these actions, we aim to help prevent the next 9/11, secure U.S. elections from Al Qaeda interference, and expose the syndicate’s overarching bids to provoke invasions of the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, and Iran.  Along with our offensive strategy for defeating Al Qaeda ideologically, the defensive “intelligence” shield created by our trends analysis arms America with a wonder-weapon capable of nonviolently ending Bin Laden’s war before it reaches his apocalyptic end game.  Our nonprofit campaign at offers a 24-page trends analysis projecting Al Qaeda’s future plots for major terrorist attacks on America.


Our awareness campaign to end Bin Laden’s war quickly stems from a unique assimilation of the public record on Al Qaeda.  This body of written work by director David Malone includes:

  • One published book, Bin Laden’s Plan, that examines the mechanics of Al Qaeda’s war strategy termed crusader-baiting,

  • Four unpublished books, examining Bin Laden’s:

  • Essays examining current events in the 9/11 War, including Al Qaeda’s plot to sabotage President Obama’s election with the Mumbai Massacre,

  • Articles describing the track record for the “Bin Laden’s Plan” trends analysis of Al Qaeda attacks,

  • A written synopsis and a Youtube speech describing our ideological campaign’s strategy,

  • A written/Youtube description of director David Malone’s guerrilla press conference on the New York Times fire escape,

  • A dramatic screenplay, also designed to disarm Al Qaeda ideologically.

Peace on Earth,

David Malone