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Even though laypeople can comprehend and verify the conclusive scientific evidence authenticating the Great Extinction theory presented at, most Al Qaeda members will require more than criticisms to embrace a mutiny against their senior leadership.  David Thomas Malone's campaign of peace-activism identifies religious piety and anti-American sentiment as two critical sets of beliefs that suppress dissension within the Bin Laden syndicate.  The information operation at complements the central scientific thesis with five addenda recounting facts about the author assembled in order to overcome obstacles in the minds of Al Qaeda supporters to acceptance of the new war narrative authored by a non-Muslim American.  The corollary-enhanced presentation of the thesis includes five biographical accounts of the author and his work.  


Featured prominently on the educational website, the trends analysis (outlined above in First Steps) has reliably anticipated every major Al Qaeda plot of the 9/11 War.  Beyond the potential boon to U.S. homeland security, this feat of terrorism forecasting corroborates the scientific accuracy of the Great Extinction theory.  Additionally, this prescient corollary facilitates the information operation by exhibiting a measure of divine sanction for the peace campaign with a display of prophetic talent that can impress some religiously pious Al Qaeda members.


Two additional addenda reinforce the appearance of divine sanction for David's public awareness campaign.  One document identifies new scientific evidence that authenticates core tenets of the Islamic faith -- a discovery potentially appealing to all Muslims.  The other corollary highlights religious symbolism in a biographical sketch of the author formulated to entice apocalyptic-minded members of Al Qaeda into revering David as an unrivaled human authority on the 9/11 War.


A fourth corollary provides scientific validation for the thesis while also helping to hurdle obstacles of anti-American sentiment and religious piety in the minds of Al Qaeda members.  Extensive quotations from martyred Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad (see References above) emphasize that David's Great Extinction thesis merely corroborates a Muslim scholar's doomsday theory derived from well-documented intelligence intercepts.  David's war narrative represents the repackaging of an account proposed by a Muslim who died trying to save Islam from Bin Laden's 9/11 War. continues the unfinished peace initiative of an Islamic martyr.


Rewriting the narrative of the 9/11 War for a Muslim audience may best begin by acknowledging the moral legitimacy of widespread indignation over the Bush war policy and its legacy today.  A fifth corollary to the thesis aims to overcome the inherent challenge in a U.S. citizen proposing a new narrative for the 9/11 War that suggests virulently anti-American Al Qaeda members should cease fighting the superpower, turn against their own leadership and destroy America's leading foreign adversary.  Documenting the author's guerrilla press conference at the New York Times headquarters in July 2008, the description of a nonviolent act of civil disobedience protesting the Bush war policy distinguishes the author as that rare nonviolent American who risks his life to defend the Muslim world from the belligerents perpetrating the 9/11 War.  In concert with the written rebuke of the Bush administration contained within the author's thesis, his protest of U.S. war policy helps to build a foundation for dialogue with anti-American followers of Al Qaeda. 

More than simply performing the civic duty of vocal opposition to the Bush administration, the author served as a prescient voice for the 2008 global protest revolution.  In the weeks after David's nationally televised critique excoriating George W. Bush's military and economic excesses, the mass protest revolution erupted when seven years of Bush's wars and deregulated economy arrived at a catastrophic fruition.  Lamenting the U.S. financial meltdown of September 2008, the mass movement swept across the world echoing demands for drastic governmental reform.  Diametrically opposed to Al Qaeda and U.S. war policy, the author has famously identified himself as a revolutionary brother of today's Arab Spring protesters who advocate a nonviolent resolution to the 9/11 War.  

Beyond the benefits of aligning his information operation with these Muslim revolutionaries protesting the U.S. government, David's New York Times press conference advanced the cause of peace by

1.  Launching a public awareness campaign to expose conclusive scientific evidence of Al Qaeda's Great Extinction conspiracy

2.  Publicizing a trends analysis of Al Qaeda terrorist plots that accurately projected the syndicate's greatest ever surge against U.S. targets in the Muslim world from July through October of 2008

While persuasive, the scientific rationale for a mutiny to imprison the Al Qaeda leadership represents only half of the winning formula.  The opening of a door to dialogue with Bin Laden followers must precede their acceptance of the truth.  By characterizing the campaign for world peace as nonviolent opposition to the Bush administration's war policy, the author built a bridge to the Muslim world that has achieved the moral high ground over Al Qaeda's violent campaign against the United States.  

The 9/11 War can begin to end when peace activists have established common ground with the Islamic perspective on atrocities committed by the superpower's war machine during the decadal conflict.  Having dampened a persistent source of Muslim indignation that stalled peace efforts of the past, the world community can then begin discussions on Al Qaeda's Great Extinction conspiracy.  In July 2008, David set in motion this development with a scroll.  Beyond simply neutralizing anti-American sentiment directed at the author and elevating his moral standing, the New York Times war protest advances world peace by fostering the appearance of divine sanction for his information operation.  In the context of the religious suggestions about David proposed by the four other addenda to his thesis, the augmentation of his campaign's moral legitimacy through this war protest elevates, in turn, the author's religious authority in the eyes of some Al Qaeda supporters -- many of whom follow Bin Laden's anti-American movement based on a mix of religious zealotry and outrage over U.S. belligerency.

Identifying the author of as a divinely sanctioned peace activist who supports and defends Muslims, the addenda for the information operation help persuade naturally biased Al Qaeda supporters to consider seriously his presentation of conclusive scientific evidence documenting Bin Laden's Great Extinction plot.  Attached to the thesis, this five-sided ideological vehicle to bypass bigotry in the minds of the terrorist syndicate's supporters constitutes a critical catalyst in the formula for a diplomatic miracle to end the 9/11 War.