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Spiritual Outlook


One day somebody stumbled upon a cosmic discovery -- proof of both God's existence and God's authorship of human history.  In the career timelines of the only three men in world history to have provoked a world war, a statistically impossible parallelism in milestone events lucidly exhibits intelligent design of human history. 
This world-war provocateur phenomenon validates the suggestions of modern scientific discoveries highlighting clear instances of prefigurement in the operation of the universe.  Additionally, the historical anomaly provides evidence supportive of beliefs in reincarnation espoused by some individuals who await the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth.

Most recently, two scientific findings have advanced the theory of predestination.  Astrophysical investigations into the activity of black holes has revealed that nothing in the universe is ever actually destroyed because the information describing every bit of matter is permanently stored on a two-dimensional computer-chip located outside of our universe's plain of existence.  Experiments in quantum mechanics have uncovered an anomaly also suggesting that the universe is a holographic computer simulation.  In a phenomenon known as "quantum entanglement", information is communicated instantaneously across the universe -- suggesting that an instantaneous alteration in the matrix's computer code is responsible for the blatant violation of the laws of the physical universe.  Modern science reveals the three-dimensional world that we perceive is a movie projected from a script preserved and playing in perpetuity on a two-dimensional plane of space that surrounds the space we perceive (as computer chips might surround a holodeck on Star Trek).  

Evidence of predestination has appeared for decades in clear signs of prefigurement that occurred during the formation of the physical universe -- including the creation of hydrogen, the heavier elements, DNA, organic cells and the human brain.  The antediluvian universe appears to have been designed to produce the world we see today.  Since ancient times philosophers have rationalized predestination by observing that any present decision emerges wholly from a series of past events over which we have no influence during the moment of choice.  Modern theologians have opined on the divine origin for every event that ever has occurred in the 13.7-billion-year history of the universe.  From these numerous discoveries and insights we can deduce that the quantum world is the buffer zone between the computer code and the holographic matrix that we perceive as the real world.  This buffer zone translates the computer code into the events of our universe.  

Based on this evidence, the discoverer of the world-war provocateur phenomenon made an extrapolation about the nature of human existence . . .


We are not here.  

The physical world is a dream, a movie that we are watching in our minds while laying comatose in a womb.

We are both audience, in the womb, and a character, in the movie.  Equally, God exhibits duality as both audience and character.  At the same time, God is the director scripting and projecting every moment.  We live in a holographic matrix in which we never act autonomously from God.  Even though we did not realize this fact in the past, throughout our entire lives we have been watching a movie in which we play a character.

While human beings do enjoy the capability for free will from the forces of genetics, their natural environment and other individuals, people do not have free will from God.

The movie is the greatest story ever told.  The director loves each of his characters and aspires to develop them over the course of many lifetimes.  

All fear is an illusion because a loving God controls all events in the universe and mortality is just another illusion.  By embracing the certainty of God's existence and orchestration of every event everywhere, the human mind becomes free of the worry and suffering that plague modern society.  Instead of responding to pain with indignation, we view the experience as both growing pains and due penance for our past transgressions against others.  We can bear any situation with the certainty that God's good intention for us has designed the experience.  

Like a movie, the past, present and future are interwoven into the fabric of a single story, each effecting the other.  Just as the climax of a movie has an influence on how the playwright and director design the opening scene, future events help influence past events in our universe (a phenomenon confirmed by quantum mechanics).  Human beings have been created not only by past events, but because we play a role in predestined future events that our universe was designed to fulfill.  Like any creation, our ultimate value is determined by our finished product, not by our ingredients.  Once we have matured, our sum will be greater than that of our parts.

Although we make decisions that have consequences, our choices are just as much a part of the script as the Big Bang.  We are all exactly what the director God wants us to be, and the character God helps to guide us to our destiny.  We're compelled to perform good deeds because we both fear the personal karmic consequences of evil deeds in a story ruled by poetic justice and realize that we cannot subvert God's ultimate intention for us, so we surrender to the purpose of benevolence.


In the context of this perspective on the universe, an overarching purpose for humanity emerges.

1.  Enjoy the life experience with which we have been blessed, perceiving events through the eyes of both audience and character.

2.  Acknowledge that all human actions, even offensive ones, are part of the Great Script.  We as God's audience are never bothered by the story, but rather live in perpetual awe of it.

3.  Acknowledge that we are helpless to defy the Director's will at any time, and commit our lives to advancing God's benevolent mission for humanity.

4.  Foster a dynamic relationship with the character God through prayer and receptiveness to God's messages to us.

5.  Fulfill our duty as guardians of the miracle of life, in all its varieties and complexities.

6.  Commit our lives to the quest to be inventors, adventurers, and revelers in the limitless prospects of this universe.

7.  Do not allow evil and an appetite for destruction into our hearts, while accepting that suffering commissioned by God is a necessary part of the story's development (remember, we're really in a womb so it's only virtual suffering).  In other words, accept the role of destruction in the story of the cosmos while refusing to serve personally (by action or inaction) as a vehicle for destroying God's most miraculous creations.

8.  Above all, spread the peace, love and happiness that is God's identity.


In addition to demonstrating that God has written the script for the story of human history, the historical anomaly of the world-war provocateur phenomenon appears to exhibit a case of reincarnation.  Casting dreaded mortality as an illusion, the phenomenon suggests that reincarnation occurs in the afterlife.  Along with the evidence of reincarnation exhibited in the parallel career chronology, modern scientific insight into the physical nature of the universe's space-time fabric also dispels the illusion of mortality with the confirmation that nothing is ever lost.  Like a Hollywood movie, every moment of the universe's drama is preserved for a virtual eternity in the form of a movie composed of the collective past-present-future that always exists.  This fact is demonstrated with a thought experiment in which an individual located an astronomically large distance from Earth first synchronizes with the Earth's motion so that the two bodies have the same velocity through space, and then moves either towards Earth or away from Earth in order to intersect his present moment in time with a large slice of time on Earth that includes billions of years either back in Earth's past or forward in Earth's future.  The past is never lost and the future is always part of the present -- this is the reality of space-time.  After a movie finishes filming, it does not cease to exist, but rather exists in perpetuity.  So do we.  The truth is that we are immortal and the finality of mortality is fiction.

If this novel worldview became humanity's dominant perspective, perhaps we would be capable of achieving a sustainable global civilization like that envisioned by the Earth Charter (

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