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Executive Summary

Executive Summary of


By David Thomas Malone

Free, 2013

The think tank highlights three statistical trends in the 9/11 War which together illuminate a genocidal plan to hijack growing millennialist hysteria over "End of Days" prophecies.  While publicly masquerading as a righteous Islamic insurgent force, Al Qaeda's central command has secretly manufactured a world war designed to vivify an awaited "Apocalypse" conflict

•    Slated to begin in 2001 and move toward climax after December 2012

•    Involving the world's leading nations against the insurgent armies of a martyred Muslim messiah

•    Manifested as battle zones in his command base of Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan, as well as the lands of Iraq, Iran, India, Arabia, Israel and Syria

•    Predicted to kill most of the world's population
Undisputed facts on public record substantiate the indictment of a doomsday cult for conspiracy to trigger a global nuclear holocaust.  Indemnifying America for the 9/11 War, the claim also suggests a counter offensive.  An information operation to popularize this historical narrative can eradicate the Bin Laden syndicate by reversing its appeal to millions of pious Muslims.  

As an enterprise to inspire mutiny against Al Qaeda leaders by exposing their "Great Extinction" plot, the academic initiative presented authoritatively at may well coalesce into a peer review coordinated by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.  Assessing three measurable patterns in Al Qaeda warfare,

1.    The World-War Provocateur Phenomenon,

2.    Messiah Pretension, and

3.    Crusader Baiting,

a committee of scientists would calculate the statistical probability that this behavior constitutes a non-random coincidence reflecting a conspiracy to murder over five billion people and lay waste to Earth.