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Bin Laden's Plan Exposed!

By David Thomas Malone

Free online, 2013


Humankind can defeat the Bin Laden syndicate by persuading a critical fraction of its followers to believe that the 9/11 War represents a Great Extinction plot secretly orchestrated by Osama bin Laden and his surviving high command.  Three statistical trends in Al Qaeda warfare identified at constitute conclusive scientific evidence of a diabolical scheme to provoke doomsday through the fraudulent fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecies.  Unambiguously demolishing the moral legitimacy of Bin Laden's war, these military patterns absolve America as an unwitting pawn in a conflict controlled by the machinations of election-rigging and false-flag operations.  Armed with a scientifically validated criminal indictment that reverses Bin Laden's casus belli, the information operation proposed at can ideologically program the Al Qaeda network to self-destruct in a mutinous insurrection that imprisons its central command