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Table of Contents 2005

The Project for the New Al Qaeda Century

By David Malone

(Trafford Publishing, 2005)


Glossary of Terms


Part One: Baiting America

1. Provoking a Clinton Invasion of Iraq: Eight Years of Failure

1.1. The Plot; 1.2. WTC I; 1.3. The Battle of Mogadishu; 1.4. The Khobar Towers Bombing; 1.5. The African Embassy Twin Bombings; 1.6. The USS COLE Bombing

2. Bin Laden's Greatest Success: The Provocation of Bush's Iraq Invasion

2.1. 9/11; 2.2. Supplementary Provocations; 2.3. The Improbability of a Saddam-Bin Laden Alliance; 2.4. The Importance of America's Iraq Invasion to Al Qaeda

Part Two: The Choice President

3. Bush's Predisposition to Invade Iraq

3.1. PNAC; 3.2. The Triumvirate Behind the Bush Foreign Policy

4. Inaugurating Bush's Iraq Invasion

4.1. America's Millennial Iraq Decision; 4.2. President George Bush the Younger v. Saddam

5. The Cole Bombing: Did Bin Laden Try to Put Bush In Office?

5.1. The Bombing's Effect on the American Public; 5.2. Repercussions on the U.S. Defense Industry, Big Oil and Israel; 5.3. The Benefit of an American Regime Change to Al Qaeda

Part Three: A Global Recruitment War

6. Al Qaeda

6.1. The Military Frankenstein; 6.2. The Economic Power; 6.3. The Ideological Movement

7. The Foundation of Bin Laden's Post-9/11 War

7.1. Basic Strategy; 7.2. Building Al Qaeda's Case Against America; 7.3. Targeting Rationale; 7.4. First Move

8. Al Qaeda's Cessation of Attacks Inside the American Homeland

8.1. Transferring War Guilt?; 8.2. Other Theories

9. Al Qaeda's Terrorist Campaign Outside of the United States

9.1. Iraq; 9.2. A New Global Terrorist Campaign

Part Four: Reelection War

10. Bin Laden Reelected Bush

10.1. Another October Surprise; 10.2. Al Qaeda's Four-Year Reelection Campaign

11. Bush's Victory . . . And Bin Laden's

11.1. The Importance of Bush's Reelection to Al Qaeda; 11.2. The Promise of Another Bush Term: The Iran Invasion

12. Al Qaeda's Future Terrorist Campaign

Part Five: How To Defeat Al Qaeda

13. A New American Foreign Policy

13.1. Bin Laden's Threat; 13.2. Building a New Global Coalition (see