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defeating Al Qaeda on the ideological battlefield
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Our Unique Message

What is the Unique Message of

(The following is an extract from an interview on 9/10/10 between New York Times reporter Sewell Chan and director David Malone)


1. The information operation at will defeat Al Qaeda ideologically by persuading some Muslims that Bin Laden is trying to start a global nuclear war.  This ideological wonder weapon will be launched when President Obama and the United Nations employ our innovative indictment in a formal condemnation of Bin Laden's conspiracy to kill four billion people.

2. Voters, and particularly the residents of NY and Wash, should beware of an Al Qaeda plot to launch a 9/11 sequel during the deciding weeks before U.S. national elections as the 2010 manifestation of Al Qaeda's biennial October Surprise operation.  After eight years of facilitating the Bush administration's neo-conservative agenda via these psychological operations, Al Qaeda now aims to employ the same tactic in order to sabotage President Obama's domestic political support and prompt a voter shift towards militarism.  The well proven trends analysis of Al Qaeda attacks presented at, which accurately anticipated the plots of 9/11 and the Mumbai Massacre, projects that Al Qaeda's next October Surprise will:

  • likely involve members of Al Qaeda's Yemen branch,

  • include a counterpart operation in Mumbai or New Delhi, and

  • preclude the possibility of a 9/11 sequel during any other time frame.

Did You Know? . . .

In every U.S. national election since 2000, Al Qaeda has intervened with an October Surprise psychological operation designed to support the war-hawk candidate?

  • October 2000:  USS COLE bombing, Bin Laden's original launch date for the 9/11 operation

  • October 2002:  Bali bombings, Moscow theatre siege, COLE sequel in Aden port

  • September-October 2004:  Russian school massacre (the largest post-9/11 terrorist attack), Bombing of American hotel in Egypt popular with Israelis (coming just months after Al Qaeda's second post-9/11 terrorist attack on an American target (the July 2004 bombings of the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan)), Bin Laden's Halloween video

  • September-October 2006:   Launch date for Failed "Atlantic Bojinka" airlines plot

  • September-October 2008:  Al Qaeda's largest post-9/11 surge against America, including: The armed raid on the U.S. embassy in Yemen, Pakistan's 9/11 (targeting the country's premier American hotel), the original launch date (October 1) for the Mumbai Massacre - a plot to target American congregations in India with the deadliest terrorist attack in world history.
    Note: After a two-year lull in Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on American targets, Al Qaeda began this pre-election
    surge outside the U.S. consulate in Istanbul during a press conference at the New York Times headquarters in which director David Malone warned about this imminent Al Qaeda plot with actionable intelligence.

  • September-October 2010 / September-October 2012:  9/11 Sequel in NY and Wash??


Bin Laden is trying to kill four billion people. The centerpiece of our campaign, this unique alternative narrative of the 9/11 War will help deflate Bin Laden's movement, prompt a critical fraction of Al Qaeda supporters to turn against the leadership, eliminate safe havens and provide the actionable intelligence needed to dismantle the terrorist network.

Did You Know? . . .

About Bin Laden's Messiah pretension?

  • Director David Malone precisely anticipated the 9/11 plot, largely based on Bin Laden's pattern of meticulously imitating the mythological description of the Muslim Messiah - who begins a global war in September 2001 against a "Great Satan" empire, a conflict defined geographically by four principle war zones: Israel - Palestine, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran - Afghanistan - Northwest Pakistan.

  • Al Qaeda's recent attempts to prompt U.S. military intervention in Yemen is the next logical step in the high command's strategy following its schemes to incite the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran.

About the “World-War Provocateur” phenomenon?

Bin Laden displays an anomalous historical connection with Hitler and Napoleon that accurately foreshadowed the 9/11 attack.

About Al Qaeda's crusader-baiting strategy?

Al Qaeda (1) rigged both of George Bush's close presidential elections, (2) willfully incited the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and (3) aspires to provoke America into killing one billion Muslims in a nuclear holocaust.  In other words, Bin Laden is responsible for every death in the ongoing 9/11 War like Hitler was responsible for the death toll in WWII and the Holocaust.

Along with the disclosure about Bin Laden's culpability for the 9/11 War's current death toll, the information operation at provides persuasive evidence of Bin Laden's genocidal plot to ignite a global nuclear war that kills two-thirds of humanity, all in the context of a war narrative that is virtually identical to the account accepted by most Muslims. These two war crime indictments represent an ideological wonder weapon capable of discrediting and defeating Al Qaeda worldwide.